Vision on Learning and Teaching


How can education at UT empower students to contribute to a better world? And how can UT’s commitment to making a positive impact on society through technology, strengthen that contribution?

The ‘UT Vision on Learning and Teaching’ offers guidance, outlining how we can equip students with ‘more than a degree.’ Taking the challenges of our time as starting point, it places three goals at the heart of our education: learning by doing, building inclusive communities and self-development. Interconnected like the rings of a Borromean knot, these three goals form a roadmap to achieve our UT mission: to be a people-centred university of technology that empowers society through sustainable solutions. The UT Vision on Learning and Teaching provides a basis for strategy, investments, and the implementation of educational activities.

Thematic meetings

During the academic year 2023-2024, we organise several thematic meetings to support you in implementing the Vision on Learning and Teaching. The first meeting on DIGITALISATION was held on the 26th of June. The second one is on 30 October 2023 in LA2409 at Langezijds. The theme for the meeting is FLEXIBILISATION in education. Depending on the registrations, we will choose the location. Below you can find the programma and sign up.

Join the thematic meeting on 30 October on FLEXIBILISATION in Education in LA2409 at Langezijds.
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Marike Poldervaart 

Introduction to the Vision on Learning & Teaching (VLT) 


Wim de Boer and Chris Rouwenhorst 

Types of flexibility and developments in Higher Education


Guest (Tilburg University)  

Experiences from Tilburg University  


Wim de Boer and Chris Rouwenhorst 


Introduction to the workshops



Pitches of break out groups 




15:00 – 16:30 

Various colleagues from faculties and external guest 




Examples and discussion:

  • Justine Blanford ITC: Flexible master 
  • Wim de Boer ET: Future proof education 
  • Sissi de Beer TNW: FlexSciLabs 
  • Jan Buitenweg UTCI: Competence based design of programme content and individual learning 
  • Jessica Greven: Law and Regulations
  • Example: Microcredentials: Can we use this for regular education? 
  • Questions: How to make the Premaster flexible, blended? 
  • Questions: Tilburg University 



Summary of the breakout groups 


Wim de Boer, Chris Rouwenhorst and Marike Poldervaart 

Next steps 





M. Poldervaart (Marike)
M. Poldervaart (Marike)
Strategic Advisor Education Policy

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