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Long Term Housing Strategy

The University of Twente has chosen to be the ultimate ‘people-first’ university of technology, providing education and conducting research in fields ranging from public administration and applied physics to biomedical technology. The University of Twente sees its campus as a significant asset for the academic and personal development of its students, through which it can foster an entrepreneurial spirit. After all, without suitable and attractive buildings for education and student accommodation, it is difficult to attract students to the university, facilitate their development, be innovative in our education and allow employees to work in an effective and efficient manner.

In order to ensure that our campus is fit for the future, in terms of quantity and quality, and to determine which real estate initiatives will need to be undertaken over the longer term, the university publishes a periodical long-term strategic housing plan (LTSH) which serves as a framework for its decisions on large-scale investment projects. This revised LTSH provides the framework for the 2020- 2030 period (and is thus known as LTSH 2030).

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