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Final contract renovation Technohal building

On Monday 31 July, the Executive Board awarded the final contract for the construction of the Technohal building on the University of Twente campus. The actual construction of the Technohal building will start at the beginning of October. 

Three parties have been awarded the contract
In the European tender, the project was divided into three different lots for which parties have been contracted to perform the work. This includes construction, electrotechnical and mechanical engineering work.

Per lot, five parties were invited to participate in the second phase of the tendering procedure by the University of Twente. The tender documents have been evaluated by an assessment committee consisting of representatives from the Facility Service Centre, purchasing, the Health cluster, Nanolab and an independent adviser.

The Executive Board takes over the assessment of the committee. The following parties have been awarded a preliminary contract:

  • Dura Vermeer for construction work
  • BAM for the electrical work
  • Homij for the mechanical engineering work

Subsidy of solar panels
The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has awarded the University of Twente a subsidy to place solar panels on the roof of the Technohal building. The building’s energy performance will be greatly improved when it has its own sustainable energy production system. The electricity generated is comparable to the electricity needs of 100 households.
Thanks to the subsidy and the panel’s energy output, the University of Twente will have recouped its costs after more than five years. The solar panels also offer options for research by University of Twente scientists in the area of solar cells. 

Impression of the interior and furniture and the preliminary layout of the offices
At this time, we are working hard on the design of the building’s interior and furnishings. The area surrounding the Technohal building will also be updated. The layout of the offices and the first draft of the relocation schedule will be completed. 

The interior designer has used formats and shapes that are perfect for the building; that add acoustic value and are able to withstand intensive use. Film will be applied to the building’s glass walls, creating unity throughout the building.

Go to the website for an impression.

The furniture currently being used by employees from the Health cluster will be reused in the new building. In the coming period a party will be selected who will advise us on these matters so our interior fits the design as best as possible.

Schedule and final tour before construction
Construction work will start in October. Following the definitive award the contractors for the various plots must agree on schedules and building preparation work, after which the building site will be set up and the indoor work will commence.
The current façade will be removed and a new one fitted. Finishing work will be done once the building is windproof and waterproof.  The building is scheduled for completion in December of 2018 after which relocations can begin.

Guided tour before the start of the construction phase
Anyone interested can take part in a tour through the empty building before construction commences. More detailed information will be available soon

Clip of the tour for future users of the Technohal building
In May of this year, the Health user group was given a tour of the Technohal building. These photos and this video clip give a great impression.

Contact person: Bertyl Lankhaar (+31 (0) 53 4892210 or +31 (0)6 20027435), spokesperson for the Executive Board of the University of Twente.

More information can be found on the Long-Term Strategic Housing Plan website: