employees.utwente.nl has been replaced

Starting 19 July 2022, employees.utwente.nl has been discontinued. The information listed on employees.utwente.nl has been moved to the (Internal) Service Portal.

How to find the Service Portal

There are three options to navigate to the Service Portal:

  1. Directly navigate to utwente.nl/serviceportal
  2. Use the quicklink on utwente.nl:
    Screenshot UT homepage
  3. Navigate to one of the service departments on the Service Portal: you can also use the abbreviations of the service departments (communications, HR, finances, etc) to navigate to the Service Portal. This brings you to the Service Portal and activates a filter to only show items for that specific department. The main navigation however, is always available on the left for easy access to webapps and news/events. Examples of direct URLs:
    1. utwente.nl/hr
    2. utwente.nl/lisa
    3. utwente.nl/mc
    4. utwente.nl/cfm
    5. [other departments will follow later]

Where is the information on the Service Portal?

documentation & Support

For further information see our user documentation and contact page.