library card and -account

For students and staff

As a new student or a new staff member you automatically receive a library account with your staff or college card. With this account you can manage your borrower information, make reservations and book renewals. The UT number on the card is the user name of your library account (without s for students and m for staff members and wìth the extra eighth number).

The password of your library account is default your day of birth, month and year (f.i. are you born on january16th 1992, your default pass word is 160192). Take care of your privacy: we advise you to change your pass word immediately.

Visit FindUT, choose Library Links and click on Borrower information.


This staff or student card is your library card as well. Students can lend 10 books, staff members 15 books. Staff members can also order books and send them on transport to the service desk of their office block.

More information for alumni, entrepreneurs, Saxion students and staff from other universities click here.

More information about the prices you can find on the price list

Library users must adhere to the library rules and regulations:


University Library: Terms and conditions


University Library: Code of practice


Digital library rules and regulations

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