Information for recruitment agents and representatives

This page is intended for recruitment agents and representatives with whom the University of Twente has an agreement. 

Here, you will find useful links to the websites of our programmes, information about the admission procedure, information for admitted students, University of Twente scholarships, an overview of events for potential students, promotional materials, and reference works.

Uploading applications (agents only)

To upload new applications, fill out the form on this page (not by email)  as complete as possible. Submissions with missing information or without a student statement will not be processed.


information about UT

UT and Education programme websites

  • About the University of Twente
  • Bachelor's programmes (BSc)

    Bachelor's programmes (Bsc) - An overview of all our undergraduate courses (20 in total, of which 16 are taught in English).

    On the individual websites of the study programmes, you can find details such as the admission requirements for the specific programme, a modules and courses overview. 

  • Master's programmes (MSc)

    Master's programmes (Msc) - An overview of all our postgraduate courses.

    On the individual websites, you can find details such as the admission requirements for the specific programme, the module and course overview, start moments, language and duration, and details about specialisations. 

  • Pre-Master

    Many of the master's come with their own pre-master's for university students and/or university of applied sciences (HBO) students. If a student cannot gain direct access to the master's in question, but do have a related Bachelor's Degree and meet the admission requirements, they migth be eligible to do the pre-master's to still gain access to the corresponding master's programme.

    A pre-master's can support a slight switch between study programmes. It is not a mean in itself to switch from completely different study backgrounds.

    Student do not apply to a Pre-Master but directly to the Master. After the assessment of the completed application by the study programme, the student will get contacted with direct admittance, rejection or the offer of doing a Pre-Master.

    The offer, start moment (September and/or February) as well as the access for students with an international Bchelor's degree varies per study programme. This information can be found on the individual Master's websites.

  • ATLAS University College

    ATLAS University College - An interdisciplinary programme for top students (Bachelor)

    We offer the Bachelor’s programme in Technology, Liberal Arts and Sciences, or ATLAS for short. Traditionally, engineering (or technology) is not part of Liberal Arts and Sciences curricula. At University College Twente we firmly believe it should be. In order to understand today’s world, you have to understand technology. And solving today’s problems means you have to have design skills. Therefore, our bachelor's programme focuses on science, mathematics, engineering and social sciences. Our unique approach to engineering education is aimed at raising a new and different kind of engineer and global citizen.

  • Twente Graduate School (TGS)

    Twente Graduate School (TGS) - Integrated master’s and PhD programmes

    In the Netherlands, only research universities like the University of Twente offer the third cycle of higher education leading to a PhD. A PhD involves spending four years of in-depth studying and researching in a particular area. This can be done within one of the research groups.

    To become a researcher at UT first make sure to meet the admission requirements. Then PhD candidates may either apply for an available PhD position at one of the research groups or have a scholarship or funding of their own.

  • Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng)

    Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng)

    Next to pursuing a career in scientific research, leading to a PhD degree, we offer the option to opt for a more practical, design-oriented Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng). Find out more about the design-oriented PDEng programmes

Admission requirements and procedure (per degree and nationality)

Costs and finance

  • Tuition fees
  • Application fee (EEMCS & ET)

    The University of Twente has introduced an application fee for some Master’s programmes that students have to pay starting 1st October 2019 (for courses starting September 2020). This FAQ provides answers to your potential questions.

  • Scholarships

    There are several scholarships that students can apply for when following a Master (Msc) programme at the University of Twente. For a complete overview of the scholarships, please follow the link to the scholarship finder to search per country or find country specific scholarships.

    • The University of Twente Scholarship (UTS) is a scholarship for excellent students from both EU/EEA as well as non-EU/EEA countries, applying for a graduate programme (MSc) at the University of Twente.
    • The Holland Scholarship is a scholarship for excellent students from non-EU/EEA countries, applying for a Bachelor or Master programme at the University of Twente.
    • The ATLAS Scholarship Fund (ASF) grants financial aid to students admitted to ATLAS (Bachelor) who would be unable to participate in the programme without such aid.
    • The Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) offers talented students from multiple countries the opportunity to obtain a Master degree at the University of Twente (through Nuffic-Neso).
  • Working in the Netherlands

Archived Newsletter

UT services for students

Multiple times per year the University of Twente is represented at local fairs and congresses. Besides that, the UT also organizes its own events, like (Online) Open Days in March and November, CuriousU summer school in August and student for a day/skype opportunities multiple times per year.  

Orientation for students

  • International student ambassadors

    For some countries/ regions we created dedicated Facebook and web pages in the native language: BrazilBulgariaChinaGermanyGreeceIndiaIndonesiaMexico and Romania.

    We also have a large number of Student Ambassadors available who love to share their experience and answer questions.

  • (Online) Open Days

    (Online) Open Days at the UT take place in March and November. Students can pre-register to get informed about exact dates and the schedule as soon as it is available.

  • Talk to a current student: Skype or on campus
  • Summer school CuriousU

    The Summer School CuriousU experience is an one-of-a-kind combination of a European summer school programme with international taste in combination with a festival theme at the leading entrepreneurial University of Twente. Our summer school package includes: academic courses, music, sports, social programme, inspirational speakers and accommodation at the campus of the University of Twente. The last edition of CuriousU was a huge success with participants from more than 50 countries.

Visit our study choice calendar for an overview of (Online) Open Days and fairs
Sign up for an event

UT services for admitted students: Student services contact center

Admitted international students are assisted by Student Services Contact Center in arranging their visa application, housing accommodation and other formalities. Student Services also supports international students during their entire study period at UT, for example with the possibility to learn the Dutch language and to get in contact with student associations.  

Promotional material and communication



The following multi-media links can be used for the promotion of UT towards students, parents or as reference.

A multi-media package to download will follow here soon.

Note: keep in mind to provide copy of advertising and promotional literature for approval in advance of publication to ensure agreement over wording, phrasing, layout and use of UT name, brand or logo and to follow the GDPR guidelines in the use of photography.

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Reference works

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