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Eligibility check for international students

Get support in choosing a master's

One of the steps in the application process is to fill in the eligibility check

The eligibility check is created for students with an international bachelor's degree. If you have completed your bachelor's degree at an accredited institution in the Netherlands, you do not have to complete the check.

Start the eligibility check below

An eligibility check is an online tool that gives you personal advice about your eligibility for the master's of your choice. The check takes about five minutes and gives you an indication of your chances of being admitted. Start the check by selecting the master's listed below.

What to do with the outcome?

After completing the eligibility check, you will receive personal advice in your mailbox on whether or not you are eligible for the chosen master's and specialisation. Depending on the outcome, you are advised to continue your application or, if you are not directly admissible, to follow specific courses.

If we recommend you continue the application procedure in Osiris, enter the eligibility check code you received together with the personal advice. Please note that the eligibility check is not an official admission procedure, no rights can be derived from the outcome. 

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