Twente Graduate School


The Twente Graduate School at the University of Twente offers an increasing variety of integrated master's and PhD programmes for outstanding graduate students who aim at a career in scientific research. The programmes are set up in cooperation between faculties and research institutes. Through a broad selection of compulsory and elective courses, students are able to specialize in a research area of their interest and at the same to broaden their perspective on the societal context of technology and research. All these aspects are integrated into the Twente Graduate School which aims to become a breeding ground for research talent. We set high standards and have a strict selection procedure for both research and education programmes as well as prospective students.

Code of Conduct

The Dutch Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice contains rules for scientific education and research at the Dutch universities.

PhD Policy and ProDoc

All information regarding the new PhD policy of the University of Twente can be found under ‘ProDoc’ (option: ‘Documentation’).

Information on TGS courses and upcoming events can be found under ‘TGS Education’ and/or ‘Calendar’.

Other suitable courses for the educational programme may be found under the logo of the ‘Centre for Training and Development’ at the right.

Latest news

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promovendi voor de klas

Informatielunch promovendi voor de klas

Wil je meer weten over het project ‘Promovendi voor de klas’? Kom dan naar de informatielunch op 15 april. Jan van der Veen, opleidingsdirecteur Lerarenopleidingen, vertelt over het traject en een promovendus zal vertellen over de eigen ervaringen. ... read more