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Shaping2030: technology? it's a people story

Shaping2030 is the University of Twente's mission, vision and strategy for 2020-2030.


At the University of Twente, we have a clear mission:

The University of Twente is the ultimate people-first university of technology. We empower society through sustainable solutions.
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The UT believes in a focused ambition that involves setting clear priorities in education, research and innovation at the touchpoints between these challenges and our own identity. Given the UT’s mission to be a university of technology that puts people first, we direct special attention to three societal themes and the challenges they pose; these can all be framed in a single question:

How can we contribute to the development of a fair, sustainable and digital society between now and 2030?
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Our mindset


We are ambitious and realistic. We cannot do everything at once, nor on our own. We will keep relying on our strengths, cherishing individual excellence, and encouraging healthy competition. For realising our vision in the coming decade, we present a strategic, step-by-step roadmap for change in 2030, based on three strategic goals:

  • Shaping individuals - fostering ownership and talent
  • Shaping connections - proximity: outside in & inside out
  • Shaping society - a quest full of challenges

These three goals are outlined in the full document of Shaping 2030, along with examples of goals (What) and actions we will take to reach them (How). This is only a kick-off, of course - we invite all of you, as individuals, groups, labs, and partners to join the conversation and work with us on translating the vision into your specific reality.

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Brochure Shaping2030

All documents and files can be found in the Documents section. Download the infographic (in pdf) for a compact overview or read more about our strategy in the full version of the Shaping2030 document.

Printed copies of the Shaping2030 brochure can be ordered here (free of charge).