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Our scientific themes

All of our research and education is aimed at making a difference in today’s society, while setting up the next generation for the future.

The challenges of our time are greater than before. Scientists, teachers and students of the University of Twente feel a responsibility to develop societal relevant solutions, in order to be prepared for an unpredictable and highly changeable future.

Our scientific themes

The entrepreneurial mind-setand global awareness of our many talented scientists, educators and students lead us to move beyond differences, disciplines, borders. The cross-disciplinary way of working that characterizes our university opens up unexpected possibilities - especially in combination with creativity and excellence in scientific disciplines. 

Our research and education contribute to change, progress and renewal on the following scientific themes:


We believe technology and people have a leading role to play in providing solutions for complex societal challenges worldwide. Central to our vision is our High Tech Human Touch philosophy, in which we fuse natural science, data-science, biology and engineering with social and behavioural science while maintaining a relentless focus on societal impact. With this unique cross-disciplinary approach and excellence in scientific disciplines, our scientists, teachers and students work every day on our scientific themes.

World-class research institutes

Our multicultural community of talented, ambitious students, scientists and educators have - together with our business and government partners - access to the best possible conditions. The campus has powerful research institutes that focus on nanotechnology, ICT, biomedical technology and technical medicine, governance & behavioural sciences, engineering and geo-information sciences and earth observation.


Our leading institutes combine scientific excellence with a keen eye for commercial knowledge valorisation and social applications. They are successful in generating spin-off businesses. Up to now, this has yielded more than a thousand spin-offs that are often very successful, such as DEMCOM, ClearFlightSolutions and SciSports.