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How to apply?

Start your application for a bachelor's

You have decided to apply for a bachelor's at the University of Twente in the Netherlands? That's great!

Keep in mind that you can apply for a bachelor's programme if you have not yet taken your final exams. You can only be admitted to a bachelor's on the condition that you have passed your final exams. To arrange your (re-)enrolment at an institution of higher education in the Netherlands, you will be forwarded to the online platform Studielink.

Admission result takes longer than usual

During peak application periods, the sheer number of applications can slow down the admission process. Therefore, you will receive an admission result from UT later than usual. Usually, it takes about 4 to 6 weeks from the date you apply until an admission decision is made. If additional information is needed during the application process, it may take longer. Make sure your application is complete and submitted as early as possible.

Once a decision has been made, you will receive an email from UT via email as soon as possible.

How to apply for a bachelor's?

You have to go through each step for every bachelor’s you want to apply for. If you wish to apply for two programmes, you must complete the steps twice. More information for Dutch students holding a Dutch VWO-diploma is available on our Dutch website.

  • Application process step-by-step
    • Check the admission requirements

      Which bachelor’s programme would you like to study? Make sure you meet the admission requirements of that specific bachelor's. You can find them on the website of the bachelor’s of your interest.

    • Start your application

      Apply via the online platform Studielink by choosing a programme and a starting date. Keep in mind the application deadlines. If you want to make a second application, then use the Studielink account you already have. 

    • Upload your documents in OSIRIS

      To start your online application procedure, you will need to upload several documents. We have prepared example documents to check the type of document you have to supply digitally. If any hardcopy documents are required, UT will notify you and tell you where to send them.

      Continue your application via the OSIRIS application, using the login credentials provided to you via email. After you have logged in, you click on details behind your application to continue the procedure. If you wish to submit a new or additional application, you have to apply again via your Studielink account as it is not possible to apply via OSIRIS.

    • Assessing your application

      Our admission committee will assess your application. We aim to inform you about your admissibility within two weeks after your application. This can take longer if your application is incomplete or additional information is needed to make an informed decision about your chances of success here. Should this be the case, we will contact you.

      If you wish to monitor the status of your application, then log in to Osiris and click on progress behind your application.

    • Decision on admission

      The outcome of the assessment will be one of the following possibilities:

      ACCEPTED - You will be sent an e-mail with an admission notice together with instructions for the confirmation of your application.

      CONDITIONAL - This means that you do not yet comply with all the requirements for the study programme of your choice. The correspondence sent to you will explain what further actions you need to take for final admission. You may be required to pass a further examination.

      REJECTED - In some cases, you may not meet the admission requirements for the study programme of your choice and your application will be rejected. This will be explained in the letter that is sent to you by mail. In some cases, you may become eligible after successfully completing the International Foundation Year through Navitas. If that’s the case, you will receive information about the procedure.

    • Accept the Offer of Admission

      If have you been admitted, you will be asked to accept our Offer of Admission via OSIRIS. In this video, you will find out how to do so.

    • Matching activities

      Some bachelor’s programmes have mandatory admission activities to finalize the admission and enrolment procedure, these take either place before or after your possible admittance.

      There are three selection and matching procedures at the University of Twente: compulsory matching, numerus fixus, and selection. Due to these procedures, deviating deadlines may apply.

      Please know, that if you did not participate or only partially participated, you cannot start your studies, regardless of whether you were conditionally admitted.

    • Payment and preparations

      Now the University is processing your application, you can arrange the payment of the tuition fees and take the next steps such as planning your stay in the Netherlands, arranging your visa if necessary and finding accommodation in Enschede.

      Need support? Contact our Student Services Contact Centre.

    • Join the Kick-In

      Get a head start on your student life during the Kick-In: the introduction period for all new students at UT. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know one another, the University, the campus and the city of Enschede.

Deferral of your application

If you wish to defer your application to the next intake moment or your application was cancelled because you missed a deadline, you can always apply for the next intake moment. Please take the steps below.

  • Steps to defer your application
    • Step 1 | Login to your Studielink account

      First, you need to login to your Studielink account.

    • Step 2 | Withdraw your current application

      In Studielink, you can withdraw your current bachelor's application. 

    • Step 3 | Register for the next intake moment via Studielink

      Create a new registration for the next intake moment via Studielink, for the bachelor's programme of your choice. You can apply from October onwards for the upcoming September intake (no February intake available). Keep the application deadline in mind, and be aware that some programmes have deviating application deadlines

    • Step 4 | Upload all required documents in the OSIRIS application portal

      After your registration in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail with login credentials for the OSIRIS application where you can upload documents to complete your application.

    • Step 5 | Submit your new application via OSIRIS before the application deadline

      Submit your new application via OSIRIS before the application deadline, be aware that some programmes have deviating application deadlines

Admission for recognised refugees

Recognised refugees with a higher level of education are welcome to study at the University of Twente! Read more about the opportunities for refugees.

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