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How to apply?

Start your application for a bachelor's

You decided that you want to apply for a bachelor's at the University of Twente in the Netherlands? Great!

You have to use the website Studielink to arrange your enrolment or re-enrolment at an institution of higher education in the Netherlands.

You may be admitted to a bachelor's on the condition that the final exams in the relevant subjects have been passed. Therefore, please know that you can apply even though you have not yet completed your degree. Check the admission requirements for a specific programme on the site of the bachelor's of your choice.

How to apply for a bachelor's?

Below are the steps to take if you have an international degree or a Dutch HBO-Propedeutic degree. You have to go through each step for every bachelor’s you want to apply for. So, if you want to apply for two programmes you have to go through the steps twice. More information for Dutch students holding a Dutch VWO-diploma please see our Dutch website.

  • Step 1: Choose your bachelor's

    Did you already choose your bachelor’s? If yes, please continue with step 2. Otherwise, select a programme of your choice.

  • Step 2: Check the admission requirements

    Make sure you meet the admission requirements (diploma equivalents & language requirements). To some bachelor’s, specific admission requirements apply, these can be found on the website of the bachelor’s programme of your choice.

  • Step 3: Check the application deadlines

    Different application deadlines apply to different types of applicants. If you intend to apply for a sponsorship, you will be required to meet the deadlines imposed by the sponsor. In many cases, these may be as early as nine months before the start of the programme.

  • Step 4: Collect application documents

    To start your online application procedure you will need several documents. We have prepared example documents so you can check the type of the document you have to supply during your application. Please note that you have to submit these documents digitally. If any hardcopy documents are required, the University of Twente will notify you and tell you where to send them.

  • Step 5: Start Studielink application

    Apply via Studielink by choosing a programme and a starting date. After your application via Studielink, you will receive an important email with login credentials for the OSIRIS application where you can upload your documents. If you want to make a second application, please use the Studielink account you already have.

  • Step 6: Submit your application via Osiris

    Continue your application via the Osiris application, using the login credentials provided to you via email. After you have logged in please click on "details" behind your application to continue the procedure. If you wish to submit a new or additional application, you have to apply again via your Studielink account.

    Note: it is not possible to apply for a bachelor’s via Osiris, the application always must be made via Studielink.

Deferral of your application

If you wish to defer your application to the next intake moment or your application was cancelled because you missed a deadline, you can always apply for the next intake moment. Please take the following steps:

  1. Login to your Studielink account.
  2. Withdraw your current bachelor’s application.
  3. Make a new application for the next intake moment via Studielink before the application deadline. You can apply from October onwards for the upcoming September intake.  
  4. Upload all required documents in the Osiris application portal.
  5. Submit your new application via Osiris before the application deadline. 

Admission for recognised refugees

Recognised refugees with a higher level of education are welcome to study at the University of Twente! Read more about the opportunities for refugees.

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