Overview of admission information


This page deals with information for prospective students Dutch students with a Dutch diploma, and international students holding a foreign secondary school diploma equivalent to the Dutch vwo-diploma. You may be admitted to a UT bachelor's programme on the condition that the final exams in the relevant subjects have been passed. Check the admission requirements for a specific programme on the site of the programme itself. 

Admission Office closely reviews all applications individually due to their distinctive nature. Therefore, the best way to determine admissibility is by submitting an official application via Studielink and providing all required documentation.

Diploma requirements

To be admitted to a bachelor's at the University of Twente, you will need a diploma equivalent to the Dutch vwo-diploma. Take a look at the list of equivalent diplomas to see if your diploma is considered equivalent.

In the Colloquium Doctum (entrance exam) you will find general information about the admission requirements, to whom the colloquium doctum applies and information about the specific parts of the colloquium doctum.

Language requirements

Bachelor's programmes have specific language requirements. Take a look at the requirements to see which requirements apply to your programme of choice.

Foundation year

The foundation year for international students offers the opportunity to still follow one of the English-taught bachelor's programmes, in case your diploma is not equivalent to the Dutch vwo-diploma.


Students must use Studielink to arrange their enrolment or re-enrolment at an institution of higher education in the Netherlands and to register with the DUO. Take a look at our enrolment page for a more detailed description of the enrolment procedure, deadlines and tuition fees.

Binding recommendation

The first year of studies is primarily a year in which to see if the programme suits you and if you are up to the challenge. Read more about what the binding recommendation entails.

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