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Apply with a Dutch or international degree

Start your application for a master's

How to apply for a master's with a Dutch or non-Dutch degree?

Follow the step-by-step plan below if you:

Step-by-step plan

You have to go through each step for every master’s you want to apply for. If you want to apply for two master's you have to go through the steps twice. If you want to follow a pre-master's during your HBO bachelor degree, check this route.

Check the admission requirements

Find out if you might be admitted. There are different admission requirements for students with an international degree and students with a Dutch degree when applying for a (pre-)master. In addition, some master’s have specific admission requirements.

Before you start your application, make sure to check if you meet the admission requirements of your desired master. Also check the language admission requirement. Make sure you comply with all these admission requirements. 

Follow a pre-master's first?

If you do not meet all of the requirements for admission, you may be admissible to a pre-master. You cannot apply for a pre-master directly. You always have to apply for a master and UT will alter this to a pre-master registration.

For international students: do the eligibility check

Did you check the admission requirements? For international students, the next step is filling in the eligibility check. This check is created for upcoming master's students with an international bachelor's degree to verify that they meet the specific admission requirements for the master's. Within just five minutes, you can find out if you are admissible.

For students with an international degree, it is mandatory to complete the eligibility check. After you have submitted the check you will receive an e-mail with a code. You need to fill in this code within your application later on

Please note that it gives you an indication of your eligibility, it is not the official admission decision and no rights can be derived from the outcome of the eligibility check. Ultimately, the official admission decision follows once you have applied for a master’s.

Do the e-check now

Check the application deadlines

Apply in time! Start your application procedure on time and check the application deadline. Which deadline applies to you, depends on your nationality. Read more

Collect application documents

To start your online application procedure, you need to submit several documents digitally. If any certified photocopies are required from you the University of Twente will notify you of this and tell you where to send them.

Tip: check these example documents to make sure you are submitting the right documents!

Start your application in Studielink

Do you meet the admission requirements of the master's that appeals to you? And did you get a positive outcome from the mandatory e-check? Then you are all set to start your application! 

You may be admitted to the master's on the condition that you still have to pass. Please know that you can apply even if you have not yet obtained your diploma.

You start by applying in Studielink. Create an online account for Studielink, (please also check 'How to use Studielink?'). 


Never create more than one Studielink account. If you want to apply for multiple educational institutions in the Netherlands, you need to use the same Studielink account.

You apply by choosing your master's and the starting date. You receive three more emails from Studielink, confirming your application and asking you to send documents to UT. You will receive another important email with login credentials for the university-owned OSIRIS application where you can upload your documents (proceed to the next step).

Note: after submitting the e-check, you can find these further instructions in your e-mail as well!

Start the application procedure in Osiris

After you have applied via Studielink, you receive an email (it can take up to five minutes) with an invitation to our online application portal, called Osiris. Once you have logged into Osiris, there is a possibility to upload the requested documents (our application systems indicate which documents you need to upload). Do not forget to submit your application after completing it. After you have submitted your application, you will receive an email with the confirmation.

Application fee

Be aware that some master's charge an application fee of 100 Euro to process your application. This fee has to be paid before submitting the final application. 

Await the admission decision

The admission procedure contains two parts. The admission office will do the first check. When this check is complete, one of the university’s Educational Admission Committees will evaluate it. You will be informed via email when we need additional information or when the decision is made. In the decision letter, there will be more information about the following steps to take.

1. Eligible & conditionally eligible

You have received an email with an admission notice for your application, together with instructions on how you need to confirm your application.

If you have been granted conditional admission, this means that you do not yet fully meet all the requirements for the programme of your choice. The correspondence you will receive will tell you what further actions you need to take in order to be definitively admitted.


You currently do not meet all the requirements for admission to the master's programme. You are however admissible to the pre-master's programme. After successfully completing the pre-master's , you can immediately start on your master's.


In some cases, you do not meet the admission requirements for the study programme of your choice. Your application will be rejected. This result is explained in the letter that is sent to you by email.

Accept offer of admission

When you receive our letter of admission, you will also be asked to accept the offer of admission to reserve your place in the master's. Be sure to do this as soon as possible to ensure that you receive all relevant communications from us that will guide you through the enrolment process.

Instruction video: Learn how to accept the offer in Osiris.

For international students: after we have received your admission certificate, we will inform you of practical matters that need to be arranged before your arrival in Enschede. Think about arranging a visa, finding accommodation and paying your tuition fees.

Kick-In introduction week

The Kick-In is a fun and informative introduction week for all new students at UT. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know other freshmen, the campus and its sports & study facilities and the city of Enschede.

Do I need to apply for a pre-master's?

It is not possible to apply directly for a pre-master's programme. You need to apply for the master's programme of your choice through Studielink. The University of Twente will take your application under consideration and will then proceed to transfer it to a pre-master's programme in case you are not directly eligible for a master's programme.

If some cases, you might receive a rejection of your application, please be aware this rejection is valid for both master's and pre-master's programmes. 

Students currently pursuing a Dutch bachelor's degree, can apply for a transfer minor via the ‘Kies Op Maat’ website.

Deferral of your application

If you wish to defer your application to the next intake moment or your application was cancelled because you missed a deadline, you can always apply for the next intake moment. Please take the following steps:

  • Steps to defer your application
    • Step 1 | Login to your Studielink account

      First, you need to login to your Studielink account.

    • Step 2 | Withdraw your current application

      In Studielink, you can withdraw your current (pre-)master's application. 

    • Step 3 | Register for the next intake moment via Studielink

      Create a new registration for the next intake moment via Studielink, for the master's programme of your choice. 

      When can you start with your application?
      From 1 October onwards for the upcoming September intake.
      From 1 March onwards for the upcoming February intake.

      Check the website of the master's of your choice whether the pre-master’s or master's specialisation starts in September and/or in February. For some (pre-)master's, and also for specialisations within the master's, are not offered in the February intake.

    • Step 4 | Upload all required documents in the OSIRIS application portal

      After your registration in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail with login credentials for the OSIRIS application where you can upload documents to complete your application.

    • Step 5 | Submit your new application via OSIRIS before the application deadline

      Submit your new application via OSIRIS before the application deadline.

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