EngD and the differences with a PhD

Engineering Doctorate

A EngD (Engineering Doctorate) programme is a 2 year post-master design programme focussing on the direct needs of industry.

All EngD programmes are tailor-made in close cooperation with an industry partner. You will learn to design high level, creative and innovative designs for complex issues, within a multidisciplinary team.

The University of Twente offers a diversity of Post-Master EngD programmes:

What can I expect from a EngD programme?

By combining an educational part at the University (~60 EC) and a practical design part at an organization (~60 EC), the programme offers academic research in a professional context.

EngD is open for a wide range of technically educated Master graduates, even if you're not graduated in one of the aforementioned specific fields. What matters is a perfect match between the specific design project and your MSc programme, your affinity with technological designs and your intrinsic motivation.


EngD is a practical oriented professional doctorate in engineering which is better suited to the direct needs of industry, whereas a PhD track focuses on scientific research. The three most noticeable differences between a PhD and EngD programme are: