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Welcome to the Student Services Contact Centre: the place where you, as a prospective or current student can find answers to your questions. Are you looking for information about the application and admission process, re-enrolmentde-enrolment, tuition fees, or your student card? Or perhaps you have questions about the VISA processStudielink, housing, scholarships, how (de)-registration for courses/modules (Canvas) works or something else? 

At the Student Services Contact Centre we will help you with all kinds of arrangements for your study. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

For regulations and codes of conduct please refer to the website of Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling (SACC)

Postponement application deadline due to corona virus (Update 6/4/2020: additional English Test

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease), we have postponed our application deadline for the 1 September 2020 intake.

The application deadline of 1 May has been postponed to 1 June 2020 (with exception of the bachelor programme Psychology) for non-EEA Bachelor, Master or Exchange applicants.

The rule concerning the English language test still applies: an English language test is required on 31 May 2020 at the latest. This means that your exam results must be known on 31 May 2020. Please note that incomplete files will not be processed: you then have the option of starting your programme either in February 2021 for the Master or September 2021 for the Bachelor.

We have an alternative English language test for students who can't take the test due to the impact of the corona virus


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Please note that Student Services Contact Centre does not provide any information about Student Finance, Grants or other affairs of DUO. For more information, please contact DUO. Please contact the Centre for Educational Support (CES) for information about courses, study advisers and more.