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“Welcome to Student Services Contact Center: the place for all your questions as a future or current student.”

Are you looking for information about the application and admission processtuition fees, your student card, or something else? Below you will find the most searched topics, please select which situation applies to you.

What applies to you?

Personal support

When you need a helping hand

Sometimes you need some help. If you have personal circumstances or are experiencing personal problems that are affecting your studies or your well-being, Student Affairs, Coaching and Counselling (SACC) can help you find a suitable form of support.

  • In case of mental issues you can see our student psychologists free of charge.
  • Consult the career counselor if you have doubts about your choice of study and consider stopping or changing your study program.
  • You can consult the student counselor if you have any questions about your rights and obligations, student finance and financial support, coaching, and study facilities.

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We provide information about studying at the University of Twente, geared towards prospective students from many different countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Romania. See if your country is listed and read the information in your country's main language.