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“Welcome to Student Services Contact Centre: the place for all your questions as a future or current student.”

Are you looking for information about the application and admission processtuition fees, your student card, or personal well-being? Below you will find the most searched topics, please select which situation applies to you.

What applies to you?

Latest tips

  • Scammers are targeting (international) students at UT

    We have received reports that scammers are targeting students in their schemes by email or phone calls. They attempt to pressure students into putting their money into illegit bank accounts, or by telling you an issue can be solved by making a payment. Scammers will pretend to be representatives from our university, a government agency, bank or an insurance company.

    In case you receive a phone call or email you do not trust, do not reveal personal detailshang up your phone and call the organisation yourself. Lastly, keep in mind that you will never receive a phone call by the IND that you will be deported or that your residence permit will be cancelled. In case something is wrong with regards to your residence permit, you will be notified by the University of Twente, stay safe!

  • Temporary housing facilities

    As you may have read, we are in the process of realising temporary housing units as we are experiencing a shortage at the moment, making it difficult for students to find suitable accommodation in and around Enschede. 

    First-year students (bachelor's, pre-master's, master's and exchange) have received an email to enquire whether they would like to make use of these facilities. Conditions do apply. A random draw will be used to select students that will receive an offer for this.

Personal support

When you need a helping hand

Sometimes you need some help. If you have personal circumstances or are experiencing personal problems that are affecting your studies or your well-being, Student Affairs, Coaching and Counselling (SACC) can help you find a suitable form of support.

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We provide information about studying at the University of Twente, geared towards prospective students from many countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Romania. See if your country is listed and read the information in your country's main language.