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“Welcome to Student Services Contact Centre: the place for all your questions as a future or current student.”

Are you looking for information about your application and admission processtuition fees, your student card, or personal well-being? Below you will find the most searched topics, please select which situation applies to you.

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Latest tips

  • Scammers are targeting (international) students at UT

    We have received reports that scammers are targeting students in their schemes by email or phone calls. They attempt to pressure students into putting their money into illegit bank accounts, or by telling you an issue can be solved by making a payment. Scammers will pretend to be representatives from our university, a government agency, bank or an insurance company.

    In case you receive a phone call or email you do not trust, do not reveal personal detailshang up your phone and call the organisation yourself. Lastly, keep in mind that you will never receive a phone call by the IND that you will be deported or that your residence permit will be cancelled. In case something is wrong with regards to your residence permit, you will be notified by the University of Twente, stay safe!

  • (New) student cards

    New and current students will receive a student card. Students with an address in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium or Luxembourg will receive their card by post. Students without a known address in aforementioned countries will receive an email about picking up the student card.

    Starting from the beginning of the new academic year all new studentcards will be activated and can be used.

    You can use your UT student card during the whole period of your enrolment at UT. You have to show your student card on request when using university facilities such as attending lectures, taking exams, and visiting the libraries. The UT student card can be used as a library card, and if applicable as a Union Card.

    For more information, please see the following webpage

  • Why is my enrolment not completed yet?
    There could be multiple reasons for this:
    • We have not yet received and/or processed your certified photocopies. The processing can take one or two weeks after we receive them. We thank you for your patience during this busy time of the year.
    • We have not yet received and/or processed your tuition fee. This year there is some delay in our system. It can take up to one month until your international transfer is processed. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to resolve this issue as fast as possible.
    • You have paid the tuition fee, but have not yet entered your payment details in Studielink. Please enter your method of payment.
    • You do not meet the enrolment criteria. Your binding recommendation (BSA) is not yet determined by your study advisor, your bachelor's diploma is not yet registered, your Navitas graduation has not yet been processed or your results of your pre-master's are not yet registered
  • Interest in studying or doing an internship abroad?

    Please check our Going Abroad webpage. 

Personal support

When you need a helping hand

Sometimes you need some help. Students of UT are assisted by a study adviser of the student's programme. The Study Adviser will monitor study progress. Students who are (at the risk of being) hampered in their progress as a result of special (personal) circumstances will be guided not only by the study adviser but also by Student Affairs, Coaching and Counselling (SACC). They can help you find a suitable form of support.


Information in your own language

We provide information about studying at the University of Twente, geared towards prospective students from many countries like Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico and Romania. See if your country is listed and read the information in your country's main language.

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