Advice on publishing

Publishing is an important part of scientific research, as it allows you to communicate the results of your research. Consult the information below before to make your writing and publication process more effective and efficient. For more adive on increasing your impact as a researcher visit this page.   

  • Publication strategy 
    • Make sure you pick the right journal for your article. Many articles are still submitted to journals that are inappropriate, which is a waste of time for you, as well as for the editors of the journal.   
    • Consider how quickly you'd like to see your article being published. A highly ranked journal has a greater risks of rejection. A lower ranked journal might not look as great on your cv, but getting quick feedback on your work can help you to grow faster as a researcher.  
    • Be aware that publishing Open Access increases the reach and visibility of your work. There are many highly ranked Open Access and hybrid journals (optional Open Access) and as an author of the University of Twente you can publish in a range of these journals for free or at a discount.  
  • Selecting journals
    • Consult colleagues in your research group or field about there choices for journals, and experiences that they have had going through the publication process. Advice on picking a journal is valuable but do not blindly submit to a journal because it is a common choice within your group.  
    • The UT Journal Browser (direct access) provides a search engine for high-quality journals. Per journal,  an overview of Open Access publishing options, any discounted Open Access costs and impact metrics are displayed. Read more about it on the UT Journal Browser page.   
  • Submitting articles
    • Pay attention to the submission criteria. If you don't follow the instructions this might lead to delays in the process of publishing 
    • Your journal submission cover letter should not be a cover of your abstract. Highlight what is most interesting in the article, and why your article fits the journal you are submitting to.  
    • Make sure you provide enough context for the editors of a journal to see the value of your submitted article. Lack of context is a common reason for rejection of articles.   

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