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Start here with the checklist of ICT services for employees. 


  • Windows Workstation @UT

    Windows 11 is the standard of the UT workstation (desktop and notebook). As a result of the user being the administrator on the computer it is possible to install software yourself. LISA provides several services like the installation of Windows 10 and some of the logon services. We also provide the required level of security regarding the workstation. Click here for more information about workstations.

    Note: When you log on to a UT workstation for the first time, make sure you are connected to the wired UT network or the eduroam (wireless) network first.

    Unboxing and installation video to set up your Windows system.

  • MacOS workstation @UT

    MacOS devices is an alternative option. As a result of the user being the administrator on the computer it is possible to install software yourself. LISA provides several services like the installation of MacOS and some of the logon services. We also provide the required level of security regarding the workstation. Click here for more information about workstations.

    Please note that not all software is supported on MacOS.

    Unboxing and installation video to set up your MacOS system.


  • Activate your account / change or forgot your password?

    When you receive the automatically generated mail with your personal account details, you activate the account by setting a password. Make sure you have entered the correct private e-mail address.

    Please go to the LISA self-service portal. Click on the CLICK HERE button under change / activate at the right bottom of the webpage. Click here for the manual.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    Security management of the University of Twente periodically evaluates the way users get authenticated to IT resources and implements improvements if necessary. As a result of measures we have to take for the ever-increasing cyber threats and privacy protection, it has been decided, in consultation with the organization, to introduce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). 

    More information, manuals and FAQ
    Click here



  • Eduroam wireless network

    Eduroam (education roaming) enables students, researchers and other members of staff to use their education or research institute’s wireless (wifi) network in a safe manner. Click here for the manuals.

  • Microsoft Teams

    You can use Teams to invite your colleagues to chat, meet, call and work together. This can all be done in one place, wherever you are. Click here for more information and manuals.

    Webinar tips for TEAMS

  • (Web)mail

    When you start Outlook on a UT PC, the email account is automatically set up. Click here for the manuals.

    Webinar Get a grip on you email and calendar

  • VPN

    Connect to EduVPN so that you can use services outside the UT that are only available via Campusnet. Click here for the manuals.

  • Printers

    The follow-me printer is already installed on UT workstations. For more information about registering your employee card for printing or installing the follow-me printer on a private computer, click here for all the manuals.

IT support and webinars videos


  • Employee portal

    The employee portal is available on The portal contains links to web applications and other (self added) links. Besides that, news and events or other announcements for employees are presented.

  • Service Portal

    Overview of all services and manuals offered by the LISA department.

  • Self Service Portal

    To apply for services or order hardware, please go to the self service portal.

  • Cyber Safety UT

    LISA is responsible for the security of the UT-managed workstations. Defender and Bitlocker are examples of applications meant to secure the computer. Defender is the anti-virus and anti-malware software. Bitlocker is the encryption of the system drive of the computer to prevent a data leak in case of computer loss. More information: Cyber Safety.


  • Mazemap

    Don't get lost @UT, download the MazeMap app!

  • Campus Crowd app

    To support our staff and students if they have to get to campus, we have been working on a CampusCrowdMap. You can use the map to find out which places are currently crowded and which are not. The crowd map is based on the number of devices connected to the Eduroam and Enschede_Stad_van_Nu Wi-Fi networks. No personal data will be stored. CampusCrowdMap provides an estimate that helps you decide which places are safe and which should be avoided.

  • UT campus app


    The Campus app guides you to your meeting, the parking spot closest to your appointment or any other outdoors point of interest. As a student of the University of Twente, the app also shows you your timetable information. Don’t have a meeting on the campus yet? Don’t worry, the Campus app allows you to explore the campus, see and join upcoming events or post on the message board. If you’re already here, you can even see which events are happening near you right now!

    UT campus app

Employee card


  • To keep your workstation in a good condition it is advised to restart your workstation regularly. The advice is to restart it at least once a week.
  • On the taskbar there is an icon “Mail”, this application can’t be used for the email of the university. Always use Microsoft Outlook. You can remove the “Mail” icon and replace it with the Outlook icon
  • The folder “Documents” is stored locally on the workstation, there is no automatic backup.
  • Type “default programs” in the start-menu to change for instance the default web browser or the program to open PDF-files. 


For further advice or information, please contact the LISA Servicedesk ICT: +31 (0)53 489 5577,

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