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Covid-19: Library services & updates

[update 24-9-2021]

The University Library Vrijhof currently offers 485 study places following the new COVID-19 regulations. Furthermore, 60 study places are available at the library location at the ITC faculty.

UT students can be sure of a place by self-reserving it via resource booker. Students can make 1 bookings a day (4 hrs each) up to 2 days in advance. Please cancel the booking if you are unable to come and only book the time you will actual be using.

Other visitors please contact the University Library before traveling to the campus.

The University Library also facilitates printing. The computer area is open and plug-in monitors (BYOD) are available. Amongst other facilities, UT students can borrow noise cancelling headphones and chrome books.

Below we have gathered useful information that might come handy when working from home. Please refer to these pages to make sure you have access to all the content, and how to contact the Library in case you have questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need access to additional sources to teach or do research from home.

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