Disable simultaneous ring (Mac, iPhone, IOS)


If you have multiple devices running iOS 8 and using the same Apple ID, you’ve probably noticed that an incoming phone call rings on every one of the devices at the same time. In other words, an inbound phone call will ring not only your iPhone, but also any other iPad, iOS device, or Mac too if it’s running OS X Yosemite. While this feature can be convenient and make it much less likely that you’ll ever miss a phone call, it can also be a nuisance if you have a desk full of hardware that is all buzzing simultaneously.

To stop the iPhone from ringing your other devices with an incoming phone call, you need to visit the Settings of the iPhone which has the cellular connection that originally receives the phone call. You can also choose to selectively disable the ringing feature on other devices if you’d like to just opt a single device out.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Open the Settings app on the iPhone and go to “FaceTime”
  • Toggle the switch for “iPhone Cellular Calls” and flip it to the OFF position
  • Exit out of Settings as usual

iPhone cellular calls setting

This puts an end to the multiple device ringing feature.

It’s worth mentioning that if you turn this feature off you can’t make phone calls from your Mac or other iOS device by way of your iPhone cellular connection. Despite being in the FaceTime settings, it has no effect on standard FaceTime audio calls made from a Mac or FaceTime VOIP from iOS, and FaceTime video chat still works as usual too.

Separately, you can choose to disable the iPhone calling feature on the Mac as well.

To disable calls to your iPhone from ringing on your Mac, you need to visit the FaceTime preferences. That may sound a little strange at first, but recall that FaceTime in OS X also has VOIP voice calling ability, making it a reasonable location for the setting.

  • Open the “FaceTime” application on the Mac
  • Pull down the FaceTime menu and choose “Preferences”
  • Under the primary Settings tab, uncheck the box for “iPhone Cellular Calls”

Disable iPhone cellular calls from ringing on the Mac

  • Close Preferences and quit FaceTime

This will prevent the Mac from ringing and any notifications from coming to the Mac that the iPhone has a phone call. It will not impact other FaceTime features and the ability to make FaceTime audio or video calls.

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