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Short link for this page: utwente.nl/webdrive.

WebDrive makes it possible to reach your UT documents while you are working at home and/or on your mobile device. 


You can reach your data by using Finder, Windows Explorer or a mobile device with WebDAV app (e.g. GoodReader, WebDAV Navigator). The maximum file size is 50 MB. 

To reach your data, you use a WebDAV protocol. There are several WebDAV clients for different platforms (Apple Mac OS, iOS, Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu Linux). Because the data is transported via internet, you can reach your data nearly everywhere. You don’t need VPN connection and your data is secured by HTTPS connection.

UT employees can use three directories (the M, P and U disk) to save files. In the past, it was only possible to access the home directories from a different computer using a VPN connection and with a Microsoft or Linux operating system. To make the home directories more accessible and more user friendly, LISA developed the WebDrive.


  • Description

    The WebDrive application gives you access to your directories from your:

    • Tablet;
    • Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, MacBook);
    • Smartphone;
    • Notebook.

    Because the directories can now also be accessed on the mobile devices mentioned above, it is easier to edit your own files from other locations. It is now no longer possible to access the WebDrive using your web browser. In the manuals below you will find information about how you can install the WebDrive application on your Smartphone or other applications.

  • Costs

    The end user does not have to pay to use this service. These costs are passed on by LISA to the faculty or service.

  • Conditions

    Please remember that it is not possible to copy files that are larger than 30 MB. To be able to use the WebDrive, you need:

    • Internet connection;
    • ICT account;
    • WebDAV application (smartphones and tablets).
  • Support

    For support, use the self-service page and the manuals below. Should you have any other questions or should a fault occur, please contact the Service Desk ICT.

  • Additional information

    The WebDrive is enabled by WebDAV. This protocol ensures that you are not only able to read your documents, but also to edit them.


These manuals use a consistent style of writing: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.

  • WebDrive on Windows

    WebDAV through file explorer

    Step 1: Add network drive

    • Click This PC.
    • Click Map network drive.
    • Click below Map network drive .

    Step 2: Server address

    • In the field behind Drive, select a capital for a server that is free (e.g. W:).
    • In the field behind Folder, enter https://webdrive.utwente.nl.
    • Select Reconnect at logon.
    • Select Connect using different credentials.
    • Click Finish.

    Step 3: Login

    • In the first field, enter UT email address.
    • In the second field, enter the appropriate password.
    • Select Remember my credentials.

    Step 4: Explanation

    • The W: drive you created is protected by a secure protocol called SSL.

    SSL is used on millions of websites for securing the internet connection, like online sales, financial transactions and personal (private) information. All sensitive information will stay secure during transport and is not readable by other people.

    • No UT VPN connection necessary.
    • Aspnet_client folder has no content
    • Home folder = M-Drive.
    • Org folder = P-Drive
    • UT folder = U-Drive

    BE CAREFUL: The data file size is limited at 50 MB max.

    Step 5: Troubleshooting

    Could not reconnect all network drives. (This problem always occurs after restarting the PC.)

    • In File Explorer. This PC.
    • DoubleClick on the red crossed marked W: drive. This will take some time.
    • When an error occurs just DoubleClick the W: drive again till the login box pops up.
    • Check your login credentials and click OK.

    This is a Microsoft Windows network drive issue.

    C:\Users\Bossinkr\Desktop\Handleidingen plaatjes\en\9.png

  • WebDrive for MAC OS X

    This manual has been written for Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). It is possible that the images for other versions of Mac OS X are slightly different, but the steps are nearly identical.

    WebDAV connection via finder

    Step 1: Connect to server

    • Click Finder on the menu.
    • Click Go.
    • Click Connect to Server…

    Step 2: Server address

    • Under Server Address, enter https://webdrive.utwente.nl.
    • Click the + icon.
    • Click Connect.

    Step 3: Login

    • Select behind Connect as the option Registered User.
    • In the field after Name, enter UT email address.
    • In the field after Password, enter the appropriate password.
    • Select Remember this password.
    • Click Connect.
  • WebDrive on Android

    This manual has been written for mobile devices with Android.

    WebDAV-Access on your Android

    Step 1: Install WebDAV Nav Lite 

    • Open Playstore.
    • Install WebDAV Nav Lite.

    Step 2: Login

    • Open WebDAV Nav Lite.
    • Push the menu button on your phone.
    • Click Add server.
    • Below Name enter Universiteit Twente.
    • Below Server URL enter https://webdrive.utwente.nl in.
    • Below Username enter your (UT) e-mail address.
    • Below Password enter the appropriatie password.
    • Push the menu button on your phone.
    • Click Save.
  • WebDrive on Linux

    This manual has been written for Ubuntu, in other Linux distributions the steps are nearly identical.

    WebDrive on Linux

    Step 1: Install davfs2

    • Open a "terminal" programme
    • $ sudo apt-get install davfs2  (creates /usr/sbin/mount.davfs)
    • Answer ‘yes’ when asked to allow normal users to mount webdrive

    Step 2: Only if you answered 'No' in step 1

    • $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2
    • Answer "yes/ja" on the posed question

    Step 3: Create a directory that the mount is directed to

    • $ sudo mkdir /media/webdrive

    Step 4: Add to /etc/fstab

    • https://webdrive.utwente.nl    /media/webdrive    davfs    noauto,user,uid=username,gid=groupname 0 0
    • You can find uid & gid using
    • $ id

    Step 5: Create ~/.davfs2/secrets 

    • $ mkdir ~/.davfs2
    • edit ~/.davfs2/secrets and add:
    • /media/webdrive (UT) e-mail address. A plain text password is not allowed.

    Step 6: Change authorisation file

    • $ chmod 400 ~/.davfs2/secrets

    Step 7: Add user to davfs2 group

    • $ edit /etc/group and add user to group davfs2

    Step 8: Mount the UT WebDrive

    • $ mount /media/webdrive

    Hereafter, the M: P: and U: drives are accessable via: /media/webdrive

  • WebDrive via Goodreader

    This manual has been written for IOS.

    WebDAV Access via Goodreader

    Step 1: Add WebDav server

    • Open GoodReader on the iPad.
    • Click Connect to Servers.
    • Click WebDAV Server.

    Step 2: Login

    • In the field behind Readable Title enter UT.
    • In the field behind URL-address enter https://webdrive.utwente.nl in.
    • In the field behind User enter the username of your ICT account (e.g. goghv).
    • In the field behind Password enter the appropriate password.
    • In the field behind Domain enter AD.
    • Click Add.


    Now it is possible to look to and annotate your documents on your UT WebDrive at your iPad via Goodreader.

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