Archive FAQ

A list of frequently asked questions related to archiving services:

  • Why do I have to think about archiving?

    Every employee is responsible for saving and storing task related documents, or better: records. All information created, sent and received in the course of your job related activities is a record. From a legal point of view it is a must to save critical documents. And saving and sharing your documents helps your colleagues doing their job.

  • Which kind of documents do I have to archive?

    Archive is a collection of process-related information. This information is made up or received in the context of a work process. In that case, it’s archive in principle. We support you to get insight in what kind of information you have to archive in relation to your job. It helps you to know what kind of information must be preserved, for how long and why.

  • For how long are records preserved?

    It depends on relevant of legislation and regulation. Dutch Universities agreed on the Selectielijst Nederlandse Universiteiten, which is an important part of records management. This scheme is a practical tool for protecting the organisation’s interests by ensuring records are kept for as long as they are needed for business purposes, and are disposed of correctly and securely in line with legal and regulatory requirements. Please contact a Record Manager to get some help to understand this document and apply it to your specific situation.

  • Is it possible to have my archive digitized?

    In many cases, it is possible to replace paper records into digital reproductions. The University of Twente has a set of rules which guarantees the quality and permanence of the digital version. You can find this set of rules in the Handboek Vervanging, which is determined by the Executive Board. Please contact a Record Manager to get some help to understand this document and apply it to your specific situation.

  • Am I allowed to destroy the paper records after digitization?

    Yes, you are (or even must) if you have a request for an Authorization of Replacement, which you can apply for in the context of Handboek Vervanging. In all other cases you’re not allowed to do it. Please contact a Record Manager to discuss your request.

  • What to do with my archives?

    Everyone, committee or secretariat, creates archives. Over time they lose value for day-to-day work. Then the question arises: what to do with my archives?

     Archives keep their value for future producing of evidence, but not every single record needs to be kept. To make the choice what to retain and what to destroy, UT has to use the so-called "Selectielijst Nederlandse Universiteiten". However, experience learns that this document is hard to use for non-archival employees.

    Contact us to get some help to understand this document and apply it to your specific situation. If you want to know how you can transfer your inactive records to our department, check our transfer guidelines here (note: written in Dutch)  

  • What can I do with my Students Association archive collections?

    We also like to acquire the records of sports and social clubs from the University of Twente. It reflects the living and development of the university in all kind of aspects. Please contact us to transfer your collections or any kind of request for support.

  • Where can I get an overview of abbreviations of education programs, departments or committees?

    At the University of Twente, we are likely to use abbreviations for educational programs, departments or committees. For abbreviations which are currently used, you can click here. You can use the filter above to find previous abbreviations.

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