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JOIN (installation)

Decos JOIN Registry

Before you’re able to properly use JOIN you have to install the Decos Join Registry on your computer. This little program makes sure that Microsoft Office can ‘communicate’ with JOIN. All files you create using MS Office can be saved to JOINs with just a few clicks of your mouse. Follow these steps to install Decos Join Registry on your computer:

  1. Go to Start – All programs and choose for Novell ZENworks – ZENworks Application Window
  2. Double click Decos Join Registry 
  3. Go to Start – Configure JOIN NOW  
  4. Select the option Use seperate JOIN Open/Save buttons under Microsoft Word User Interface.
  5. Click Save and Close (there’s no need to create a .reg file).
  6. Restart the computer and it's ready for use


After installing Decos Join Registry, you have also the possibility to use JOIN NOW. This application provides you the option to easily create and save Microsoft Office files in JOIN. When a Microsoft Office-application (e.g. Outlook, Word, Excel) is opened now there will be one (Outlook) or more “JOIN-Direct” buttons. You want to turn of this option in Microsoft Office?

  1. Go to Start – Configure JOIN NOW
  2. Select the option Disabled under JOIN Now Office Integration

Logging and menu lay-out

On you can login using your m-number and password. After having logged in using your m-number you will see the start menu. Go to the application by clicking ITEMS in the screen above.

On the left side in the application you will find the menu. It contains Addresses, Contact persons, Documents and Folders, regarding your authorization. By clicking the triangle which you see at every component, you will see the underlying books. Check if you have access to the right document books. As a JOIN-user, you are standard authorized to see the books Onderwijskwaliteitszorg UT and Opleidingsaccreditaties UT.


If you have any remaining questions, please contact the business information manager by or contact your Records Manager. They can help you any time on your specific working situation.