For maintaining your day-to-day documents, the document management system JOIN is at your disposal. To make sure that information does not get lost and can be found easy, it is of great importance to store and keep it in a well-organised way. We have chosen the JOIN system for this purpose. In JOIN, documents can be stored and managed and retrieved in an easy way. Within the system, we can arrange a working environment for you and of course we can be of assistance to you using the system.

Benefits of JOIN
Perhaps JOIN can be of use for you too. In JOIN:

  • Documents are being stored centrally
  • Documents do not get lost
  • Documents can be retrieved easily
  • JOIN is not site-bound; you can use it everywhere you like
  • Everyone with the same rights has access to the same documents.

Eager to know more? Contact one of our colleagues.

Manuals for current JOIN users
If you are already using JOIN then you are familiar with it, but maybe not with all features of the system. In that case, these manuals can help you to do your daily work in a more efficient way. Of course, you can contact us personally to discuss your request or challenge.

Handleiding JOIN-NOW (only available in Dutch)
Instructiekaart JOIN (only available in Dutch)
Quick reference cards