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Log in with one account As of July 9th for employees

To simplify logging on at the UT, it is possible for employees, as of 9 July 2019, to log in with one account, namely with your UT e-mail address.

 Please note: action required

On 9 July it will be necessary to restart PCs, notebooks and devices and re-establish your connections using your UT emailaddress as logon ID.

Tip: if you do not have a WiFi connection with eduroam, it is possible to use the WiFi connection Enschede_Stad_Van_Nu to gain access to the manuals.

Log in possible with both accounts

The ICT-services listed below will accept your UT e-mail address or your current account ID: 

  • Logon to your workstation
  • E-mail / webmail
  • Web drive
  • Skype for Business 
  • Various business applications (such as the UT employee portal).

More information

The intention of this activity is to phase out alternative logons (e.g., jansenj, m123456, and make your UT e-mail address your single sign-on ID. Please, click for more information on FAQ and for service description account and login name.

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