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UT Open Science Fund 2019 depleted

The UT Open Science Fund for publications in 2019 is now fully depleted. As of now, the fund ceases to exist. There are still ways to cover the cost of open-access publishing and to open up your closed publications.

In the past eight years, the university has offered reimbursements from the Open Science Fund to UT authors who published in a journal in the Directory of Open Access Journals. In total, 299 UT-authored open-access articles were (co-)financed by the fund.

The Open Science Fund ceases to exist, but there are still ways to cover the cost of open-access publishing, and to open up your closed publications:


As a corresponding UT author, you can publish open access at no cost in almost 9000 peer-reviewed journals, thanks to national agreements between the association of universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and publishers.

The UT Journal Browser lets you search for (terms in) journal title and scope, and select journals based on discounts for UT authors. To find out how to make use of an agreement, click on the journal’s title and select ‘more information about this deal’. In any case, use your utwente email address when you submit your article, make sure that your affiliation on the article contains ‘University of Twente’, and when asked, indicate that you do want to publish open access.


As a UT-employed author, you can participate in the VSNU pilot ‘You share, we take care’ to make your closed publications openly available after six months, through UT Research Information. This is possible thanks to Section 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act, also known as the Taverne amendment.

Another option is opening up the accepted author version of your closed publications, usually after an embargo period. The author version has the same content as the published version (i.e., after changes based on peer review and editorial comments), but not the layout of the publisher.


Do you have any questions about publishing open access, or would you like to open up your closed publications in UT Research Information? Please contact the information specialist of your faculty or send your question to the Research Support Desk. They will gladly help you.

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