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University Library open, but quiet areas closed

Due to flooding, after the heavy rain in the evening of the 25th of July, the quiet areas are closed. The University Library is open and offers enough capacity, for the time being. Approximately 100 study places, including PC workstations, and 5 project rooms (reserve through webroombooking) are available on the 2nd floor. Also 39 study places, including study rooms for 1-3 people, can be found on the 3th floor. 

When will the quiet areas be open again?

Unfortunately, we do not know exactly when, but of course as soon as possible. We are dealing with a delivery time of several weeks for the floor carpets and ceiling. However, together with Campus & Facility Management colleagues, we do everything we can to re-open before the next exams period, starting on the 15th of October.

A blessing in disguise

Amongst other things, because of the flooding we can move towards the new vision, developed last year in collaboration with bureau Eyckveld (evidence based design). The new floor carpets comes in beautiful natural tones and has more serenity than the orange/red carpet. The new colour scheme  contributes to a pleasant environment to study while softening the   industrial concrete look of the building. Blue-gray shades have been chosen, matching the view of the Dutch skies, and green shades, matching the view of the green surroundings. The middle zone in the quiet area is the most distant from daylight and is kept colour-wise as light as possible. The pattern flows through all the areas, allowing different layouts in the future. Altogether, this makes the quiet area fresher and lighter. The materials have a high acoustic value and reduce the noise of moving chairs.

See also, from the viewpoint of Campus & Facility Management, the (Dutch) article in UToday.