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New! The UT Journal Browser for open-access publishing in 32.000 journals

Do you want to publish open access at low or no additional cost, in a high-quality journal? The UT Journal Browser presents more than 32.000 scientific journals. It lets you search for (terms in) journal title, sort the outcome by impact, and select journals in which you can publish open access at low or no additional cost as a corresponding UT author. You can also look up journals that you’ve already published in and see your options for making those publications as open and visible as possible.

When you click on a journal’s title, you will see impact metrics of the journal, your options for open-access publishing in the journal, discounts for corresponding UT authors (“APC discount”), and a link to the journal’s workflow (what you need to do to receive the discount). You will also see your options for presenting your non-OA publications in the journal openly accessible in UT Research Information after all (“green open access”).

Do you have questions about publishing? Please contact the information specialist of your faculty. They will gladly help you.