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Migration mailboxes UT 26-3/26-4-2018

From March 26th to April 26th, all personal mailboxes and functional mailboxes of the UT will be migrated to new servers. During the migration you can continue using all e-mail applications.

We ask you to shut down Outlook as well as Outlook Web Access (OWA) during the night for this period of time in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. In case the Outlook application remains open during the migration of your mailbox, a pop up window could appear asking you to restart Outlook. Please comply with this request, as this completes the migration. In case your OWA session is still open in the web browser, you might encounter an error message. Please log in again using and in case you are using an Android device, empty your cache.

Please note: if your Outlook program has access to other colleagues' shared mailbox folders, you may receive a pop-up requesting you to restart Outlook when their mailbox migration has been completed. This is expected behavior, please restart Outlook to ensure Outlook is using up-to-date connection information.

Should you have any problems during or after the migration period, please contact Servicedesk ICT.

Service Desk ICT, Library, ICT Services & Archive (LISA), telephone: 053 489 5577, e-mail:, website:

Faculty ITC and Library, ICT Services & Archive (LISA) are already migrated.