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New: Open Science Fund 2019

New fund available for Open-Access publications in 2019. Open Science Fund 2018 depleted.

The University of Twente stimulates UT authors to publish in high-quality open-access journals. If you meet the criteria of the Open Science Fund, the UT will reimburse half or all of the publication costs, depending on the impact factor of the journal, and up to a maximum of €750 and €1500 respectively.

Open Science Fund depleted for open-access publications in 2018
This year, 53 reimbursements were given for articles in open-access journals. A full reimbursement was given for 25 of these articles. With 16 reimbursements, the faculty BMS made the most use of this year’s fund.

New fund available for open-access publications in 2019
If you meet the criteria of the fund, you will receive a 50% or 100% reimbursement of the publication costs, up to €750 and €1500 respectively. To qualify for a 100% reimbursement, you need to publish in a journal in the top quartile (Q1) according to Journal Citation Reports (JCR).

Visit the UT Journal Browser to find out which journals qualify for a full reimbursement from the Open Science Fund. To find the JCR quartile, log in with your m number, search for (terms in) journal titles that you may publish in, and click on the journal’s title. The JCR quartile is shown under ‘Impact: Journal Citation Reports’. If the quartile is not shown, the journal doesn’t have an impact factor yet. Please contact your information specialist to find out if the journal is nominated for an impact factor and as such, still qualifies for a reimbursement of half of the costs.

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