d. Preserve your research

About archiving your project and research output. 

  • Preserving your research output

    Science and society demand accountability and transparency from scientists. Therefore, besides publishing their work, individual researchers, research units and the university should preserve their research output, which mainly entails publications and research data.

    Preserving publications is facilitated by UT Research Information (Pure), which is also being used for publishing your research output (see Publish your research)

    Preserving research data means archiving them in a sustainable way. Archiving research data is facilitated by Areda, offering also the possibility of sharing these data within your research group or with specified people outside the group.

    IMPORTANT: The system is currently in an evaluation of the user experience.

    For general information, see preserving and publishing data (FAIR).

  • Preserving your research project

    Managing your information is important during a research project. You as an employee have a responsibility during this process. It is your task to provide for conditions that may keep the documents that were made up or received by you in good order during a certain amount of time or even permanent.

    LISA department Archive helps you managing your documents (‘records’) during its life cycle. It may ensure that your records of historical, fiscal, and legal value are identified and preserved, and that non-essential records are discarded in a timely manner according to Dutch guidelines and identified legislation.

    More information about project archiving

    For support contact the archive specialist/record manager of your faculty or send your question to the Research Support Desk.

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