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COVID-19 update

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Welcome to the website of the UT Language Centre. Our Support Office is open daily per utlc@utwente.nl and by phone: 053-489-2040.

At the moment, courses are offered online via Canvas Conferences or other platforms.

Do you need support from the Writing Centre? Make an appointment with one of our teachers via this website. All appointments take place using Canvas Conferences. If you have any questions, email: writingcentre@utwente.nl

Skills Lab workshops are now online and include a new ‘Online Presentation Skills’ workshop. You can find additional guidance for adapting to online education here. If you have any questions, email: skills-utlc@utwente.nl

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Language skills, 21st century skills, employability skills …  Apart from studying and accomplishing the curriculum, skills are getting more and more important not only to study more effectively and successfully, but also to prepare for your future career.

The UT Language Centre (UTLC) helps you to practise these skills. We offer workshops, trainings and events in both English and Dutch. Presentation skills, language courses, academic writing, brain training, entrepreneurial skills, business model thinking, visual thinking or project management. And what about cross-cultural competences in a global environment? Start working on your skills now! Have a look in our course finder.

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For most language courses you only pay a non refundable registration fee. All one-day study skills workshops are free of charge for UT-students. For workshops longer than one day we ask a non refundable registration fee of 25 euro.

Please have a look in our flyer for more information!

Staff (incl PhD students)

The UT Language Centre (UTLC) is one of the parties participating in the Centre for Training & Development. Members of staff and PhD-candidates can find further information about all our language and communication courses in our course finder. A full overview of courses for employees offered by CTD is available on www.utwente.nl/ctd

Please have a look in our flyer for more information!

Non-UT members

Non-UT participants are very welcome to join our courses. They are invited to contact the UT Language Centre at utlc@utwente.nl or 053 489 2040 for further information and registration.

In addition to our pre-scheduled set of courses that are open to individual participants, the UT Language Centre is open to requests for language and skills courses or workshops from interested parties outside the University of Twente. Please contact us about possibilities. Send us an e-mail: utlc@utwente.nl, or call us: 053 489 2040.