BMS DataLab

REMARK: We are currently updating the information on this website. 


BMS Datalab sets out to strengthen research by investing in data handling that is both legally and ethically correct and methodically sound. BMS research is done according to high ethical standards and should comply with government regulation for handling data. We provide in this not only the infrastructure but also help to create and maintain the organizational prerequisites for professional and responsible research on data. We offer support and advice in every phase of the research process that involves data, from data management to storage.


  • Advise and support researchers on data management and writing a Data Management Plan  
  • Provide legal and ethical norms and standards for handling research data  
  • Promote re-use of existing datasets to save time, costs and energy  
  • Offer a safe online environment to collect data  
  • Provide offline facilities to process and store (sensitive) data  
  • Facilitate software (tools) and hardware for qualitative and quantitative research  
  • Give advice on research methods and statistical analysis  
  • Stimulate BMS researchers to share their data with others  
  • Offer support and advise on archiving and sharing data in a safe and sustainable way