UT/BMS data policy

UT Data Policy

A from 1 October 2018, the UT has a new Research Data Management (RDM) policy. It replaces the BMS data policy of 1 July 2015 (offline).  

In this new version, more attention is paid to the importance of good data management, both for the scientist and for science and society. A special point of attention here is Open Science. In addition, the new data policy, more than in the previous version, contains detailed and concrete requirements for the storage, documentation, sharing, archiving and registration of research data. Finally, it gives guidelines for the implementation of the data policy in the faculties, in which appointing roles and responsibilities concerning the management of research data takes an important place.

BMS General Guideline for Departments/Sections on Ethics, Privacy & RDM within BMS

This guide is useful for every researcher (especially new staff in your sections) in our faculty. You find all important info listed on 3 pages (without appendixes), with links to further guidance.