Get started guide

Find out all you need to know as a new student at the University of Twente

Getting started at a university might be exciting, but it can be quite overwhelming, too! At the University of Twente, we understand that you could use a little help during the first weeks of your new life here at UT. On this page, you will find all the information you need to get started at our University and ease into student life.

Get started guide

Want to know all the key steps you need to take during the first weeks of your student life? Let us help you out! From preparing your life at UT to actually starting your studies: this useful overview will give you the information you need within each phase.

Steps to take during your first weeks at UT

  • Preparation
    • Sign up for Kick-In and introduction activities

      The Kick-In is the introduction period of the University of Twente. It is the perfect opportunity to discover the university, campus, the city of Enschede, and all other aspects of your student life. The Kick-In takes place from the 21st of August until the 29th of August 2024. Make sure to sign up!

      If you are an international student, it is important to attend the Facility Market during the Kick-In. During this highly recommended session, you will learn about everything you need to arrange when you arrive in Enschede.   

    • Travelling to UT

      How to get to UT 
      The University of Twente is located in Enschede, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Travelling here is easy, whether you come from the Netherlands or abroad. Find out how to get to UT by car, public transport, or plane

      If you are an international student, you can also make use of a special pick-up service from Schiphol Airport. Travelling on your own? Then you can also use this handy travel guide.  

      Student travel product 
      Did you already apply for the student travel product? With the student travel product, you can travel for free or at a reduced rate by train, tram, bus and metro throughout the Netherlands. In some cases, international students can also qualify for the student travel product.  

    • Arrange your laptop/notebook

      Do you already have a laptop that is suitable for your studies? For some study porgrammes, you need a laptop with a specific computing speed or storage capacity. UT’s Notebook Service Centre offers a selected range of notebooks that are suitable for your studies, at a competitive price. They can also help you to find out which notebooks are best suited for your specific study programme! 

    • Prepare for the start of your studies

      Activate your student account 
      Before the start of your studies, you need to activate your student account. You will receive an e-mail from us (on the e-mail address that is linked to your Studielink registration) once your UT account is created. In this e-mail, you can find information on how to activate your account via TAP

      Register in OSIRIS
      At UT, you register for courses and modules via the student information system OSIRIS. You can register for a course and/or module up to one day before the module starts. So make sure you register in time, before the start of your studies! In this manual, you can find all information about how to use OSIRIS. You need to have an activated student account to be able to register in Osiris. 

      Set up your timetable 
      Do you want to see where and when your lectures are scheduled? Create your own personal timetable via MyTimetable. Timetables will be available seven weeks before the start of a module. 

      Getting your student card 
      As a student at the University of Twente, you will receive a student card, which is valid as an identity card for the university. You can also use it for borrowing books from the library, or – if you sign up for a Union Card – to use various sports and culture facilities in Enschede. Find out how to get your student card

      Academic Calendar 
      Wondering when exam weeks will take place? Or when the Christmas break starts? The Academic Calendar gives an overview of the entire year, including special holidays when UT is closed.  

    • Explore Enschede and the campus

      Your student life at UT will be unforgettable on our magnificent campus – a great environment with as many facilities and activities as a small city would have to offer. Find out more about the campus

      City of Enschede 
      Curious about what student life in Enschede will be like? Discover everything the city of Enschede has to offer on the website of Study in Enschede

    • Additional information for international students

      If you are an international student, there are some additional things you need to keep in mind while preparing to come to the University of Twente. 

      As an international student – staying at UT longer than four months – you need to register at the municipal civil registry (GBA). Find out more about how to register at the municipality.  

      Bank account
      If you will live in the Netherlands for a longer period of time, we advise you to open a Dutch bank account. Learn more about opening a Dutch bank account as an international student

      As an international student you need to make sure you are properly insured during your stay. For example, in the Netherlands, you are required by law to have healthcare insurance. Learn more about how to arrange insurance.  

      Buddy programme
      Looking for some help in starting your new life in the Netherlands and at the University of Twente? Then sign up for the Buddy programme! After registering for this programme as an international student, you get matched to a Dutch student or another international student who has been living in the Netherlands for some time already. This student will be your buddy for your first ten weeks at UT! 

      For more practical information, you can always check out the International Student Handbook

    • Student Services Contact Centre

      Can’t find the information you need? You can always get in touch with the Student Services Contact Centre beforehand, or visit them on campus.

  • Kick-In: introduction period UT
    • Before joining the Kick-In

      To optimally experience the Kick-In, there are certain aspects that you should take care of

      (1) Make sure you have a place to stay during the Kick-In.

      (2) Arrange a bike for transport.

    • Enjoy the Kick-In

      The Kick-In, the introduction period of the University of Twente, is meant for all students starting their studies in September. During the Kick-In, you will be introduced to the university, campus, the city of Enschede, your fellow students, and all other aspects of your student life! Are you curious? Make sure to check out the After Movie of the Kick-In 2023.

      The Kick-In consists of a general programme and a faculty programme. The general programme is mainly focused on getting to know Enschede, the campus, the city center, and your fellow students. The faculty programme will introduce you to your study programme and will introduce you to your study association that can support you during your academic year. For more information, check out the website of the Kick-In

      Check out the Kick-In programme and if you are an international student, don’t forget to attend the Facility Market (highly recommended) to finalise all arrangements.  

      Have fun! 

  • Starting your studies
    • Internet access

      Where would we be without Wi-Fi? UT uses Eduroam which allows internet access across the entire UT campus. To arrange your internet connection at UT, you need a student number and password. Find out how to connect with Eduroam

    • Using your student card

      Your student card is your identity card for the university. You can also use it for borrowing books from the library, or – if you sign up for a Union Card – to use various sports and culture facilities in Enschede. 

      Printing with your student card
      If you want to use UT printers, you need to register your student card first. Find out how to use the printer with your student card in this manual.  

    • Facilities and getting around on campus

      Bars, canteens, a supermarket, a hairdresser, laundromat, sports facilities, a theater and much more: our campus has as many facilities and activities a small city would have to offer. Find out more about all facilities available on campus. 

      Finding your way on campus 
      Want to know where your lecture takes place? Or find the way to the library? Download the campus map to find your way around, or let one of our students guide you through some of the buildings on our campus in this guided video tour. You can also find a more detailed map of indoor buildings in our Campus App

      How to book a project room?
      As a student, you might need to get focused and work on your project, together with your fellow students. In that case, you can book a project room using the Resource Booking website

    • Get to know the Student Union

      The Student Union represents the interests of students. It is an organisation for students, by students with the mission to empower you to achieve more than a degree. In addition to policy-related tasks, the Student Union offers various services, programmes, and events. Examples are discounts for students (UnionDeals), competency development (More Than a Degree), and the introduction period (Kick-In). They also offer services for associations, such as help with setting up an association or subsidies

    • Need to change your (e-mail) address?

      Did you move to a new address during your studies? Or did you get a new e-mail address? Then make sure to change your address to keep receiving correspondence from the University of Twente.

    • Add an ICE address in OSIRIS

      In cases of emergency, it is important to have an ICE (In Case of Emergency) address, other than your own home address in your OSIRIS student profile. You can add this by clicking on ‘Update address’ and filling in the ICE address details. Don’t forget to give permission to use the ICE address by checking ‘Yes’ and clicking on ‘Save’. Find out more about how to add an ICE address. 

  • Module 1
    • Your well-being and health

      At the University of Twente, we highly value your well-being, as your well-being is essential to be able to fully enjoy your student life. If you are experiencing difficult times during your studies, there are different actions you can take and people to turn to. Find out about all well-being initiatives or experts that can help you at UT. 

      Health services
      A dentist, physiotherapist, psychologist: you can find a wide range of healthcare institutions and services on campus. 

      If you are coming here as an international student, it is important that you register with a doctor (general practitioner), as this is obligatory if you stay in the Netherlands longer than six months.  

      Support fund
      If special circumstances, like illness or psychological problems, are causing study delay, you can request financial support through FOBOS. This could also be the case when you take a board year, for example, or if you perform top-level sports or arts. Find out more about the FOBOS support fund for students.  

    • Study progress

      Study progress at Dutch universities is measured by credits (EC). So, starting your studies means starting to collect credits! In the first year of your studies, you need to earn a certain amount of credits to be able to move onward to the second year. Find out more about this so-called Binding Recommendation (BSA).

      Study progress and your residence permit
      Are you a non-EEA international student? Bear in mind that you need to achieve sufficient study progress every academic year in order to keep your residence permit. Find out more about this MoMi regulation

      Study switch
      Do you get doubts about whether your study has been the right choice, or are you thinking about switching to a different study programme at UT? Your study adviser is the first point of contact to talk about the steps you can take.   

      Career consulting
      Could you use some advice on how to prepare for your future career? As a UT student, you can benefit from our large, expert network of student organisations, faculties, and alumni. Career Services is here to help you in thinking about your future – so that your career gets off to a flying start as soon as you get your diploma! They will gladly connect you with the right people, inside or outside UT. Career Services also organises useful workshops in personal branding, writing your CV, interview skills, salary negotiation, and more.

    • Personal Development

      At UT, you have many opportunities for personal development, both within and outside your study programme, with courses in personal effectiveness or language and communication. Looking for career advice? UT’s Career Services is here to help and support you in thinking about your future – enabling you to start your successful career as soon as you have graduated.

    • Student life

      Now that your studies have officially started, you probably want to get the most out of your student life. Joining an association could be the perfect way to get to know other people and enjoy your student life. On the Student Union website, you can find an overview of all student associations you could join

      Sports & Culture
      Do you want to spend your free time playing sports, or with cultural activities? UT has a lot on offer! You can also join religious, spiritual, and ideological student associations

      Tip: order the UnionCard to benefit from advantages and discounts regarding sports and culture, like free swimming, squashing, or use of music studios or tennis courts. Or check out the UnionDeals, with discounts on trips, services, clothing, sports, food & drinks. 

      Stay up-to-date on news and events
      Want to know what’s going on at UT? Or stay up-to-date on interesting student events? Check student news and student events and don’t miss a thing!  

First point of contact: your study adviser

Did you know that your first contact is your study adviser? You can turn to your study adviser with questions about your study, study plan and study progress. But also about non-educational related problems, for instance, motivation, doubts and study delay due to personal circumstances. In case of personal circumstances, it is advised to contact your study adviser as soon as possible, even before you start your study programme at UT.

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