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Studying involves more than just getting a diploma. Even while studying you are faced with questions concerning your career after you graduate. Which optional subject will you choose, will you study a subject abroad and what are your possibilities generally speaking? The University of Twente Career Services is here to help and support you in thinking about your future – enabling you to start your successful career as soon as you have graduated. We offer and provide information about:

  • More information about Career Services and Covid-19

    Career Services is open. We are available by phone during office hours.

    Because of the situation concerning COVID-19, the appointments with the career counsellors will be held as much as possible via Microsoft Teams, phone or E-coaching.

    The workbook and the exercises for career counselling are digitally available as well as the study choice / interest tests.

    Would you like to make an appointment for an online intake or do you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Do you have an appointment on Campus? Please continue to stick to the 1.5m distance-rule. Arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before the start of the appointment and please leave the building directly after your appointment is finished.

Plan your own appointment
with a career counsellor
You can make an appointment with one of our career counsellors via "Planzelf", an online planner. If you use the planner, you no longer need to contact the secretariat to book an appointment.

Our career platform JobTeaser

For students and companies

JobTeaser is our online career platform with vacancies, internships and career events for students. We also help companies to get in touch with UT students through JobTeaser and offer an overview of student organisations for possible collaboration/workshops, etc.

JobTeaser Mission

Top career Advices on Jobteaser just for you!

The career online platform JobTeaser can provide you an overview of the following themes: Best jobs, entrepreneurship, job interview, curriculum vitae, resume and more. First, you need to make a free account and then check the top career advices.

The mission of career services

  • What is the mission of Career Services?

    Shaping 2030: The University of Twente is here to empower society through sustainable solutions. We choose to be the ultimate people-first university of technology

    Career Services, the UT expertise center for general and independent guidance of career questions & study choice questions of 'various' target groups of UT students, has the following mission:

    ·       Help students achieve their career goals by laying a sustainable foundation for their study choice and career skills. We help students discover their talents and translate them into the labor market. Our working method is aimed at increasing awareness and self-confidence in preparation for contact with the labourmarket;

    ·       Sharing professional knowledge with student counselors and student trainers;  

    ·       Contributing to cross-educational projects aimed at students' personal development and career skills;

    ·       Contributing to regional, national or international projects;

    ·       To contribute to policy development UT-wide. 

    Our core value is to put the student at the center of his research question. Our offer includes:

    ·       individual guidance (study choice trajectory, career coaching and counseling);

    ·       study choice / career testing;

    ·       office hours for CV checks and motivation letters;

    ·       workshops and training courses;

    ·       and an online offer like a jobboard or information about labour market legislation (when is someone allowed to work etc).

    The purpose of this is to motivate students in their personal quest, their personal development, career and coaching questions. And to provide them with tools for career questions: “who am I, what am I capable of, what do I want” and job marketing skills. Such a process consists of an intake interview and a number of follow-up interviews with a study choice or career coach. You can make an appointment through our secretariat or via our website.Career Services uses tests to clarify student choice issues. We do this, among other things, by offering online tests. A test result is always discussed in a personal conversation.During the consultation hours for CV checks and motivation letters, students can submit their personal questions and discuss them with a career coach.In workshops and training courses, study choice and career themes are discussed in groups. This uses group dynamics, students learn from each other.We also cooperate in this area with other stakeholders at the UT, such as student association Integrand or teachers from faculties and in some cases we make use of external trainers.There is also the possibility for an online E-coach process. Our scope extends up to one year after graduation. We also guide students in the final phase of study or international students in their search year of the Ind in the challenging search from study to work.