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At University of Twente we highly value your well-being and therefore, the ‘well-being weeks’ are organised several times a year!

Everyone has feelings and it is normal to not always feel 100% happy. At the University of Twente we highly value your well-being, as your well-being is essential to fully enjoy student life. To provide help and support in difficult times, an overview of all our initiatives is listed on this page. Do you need help but are you not sure where to turn to? Contact Student Affairs Coaching & Counselling and our experts help you find a suitable form of support!


Stress is part of daily life; it motivates us to get going and enhances performances. But sometimes the amount of stress we experience can become too much. In this case, sharing your concerns with others can help you! It often gives relief and allows you to look for solutions together. You can also share your concerns with your study adviser

Learn how to deal with stress, so it becomes more manageable and less overwhelming? Sign up for the stress management workshop, developed by our student psychologists.

Feeling down or anxious? 

Talk about it! The people around you are happy to help. Think of roommates, friends or fellow students. You can also ask your study adviser for help or contact our student psychologists.

If you are struggling with an urgent issue and you feel like you can not wait for an appointment, these are your options:

Contact these authorities for help:

Feeling Lonely?

See if you can find a friend to go for a coffee or a walk! Also, UT offers a lot of possibilities to get in contact with fellow students, for example by joining one of the over 140 student associations. Whether you want to practice sport, learn about a new culture or are enthusiastic about music. Check out the Student Union website to find an association that fits your interests and puts you in touch with people who share the same passion. You can also join the study association of your programme, it is a great way to get to know people!

Want to help someone?

Choose a time/place where you can talk openly and easily, without getting interrupted and ask how things are going and offer a listening ear. Let them know that you’re there for them and that these feelings are allowed to be there. Ask what you can do to help and seek help together if necessary.

To learn how to best help your friends, the psychologists of the UT have also set up a “Look after your friendtraining in collaboration with the Student Union. For more information or to sign up, visit the website!

Mental health during COVID-19

Everybody responds differently to the current circumstances. Whilst some people are doing fine, others feel more restless, stressed or anxious. On our Student Well-being Canvas Platform you can find practical tips and advice about how to cope with this feelings in a healthy way.