Facility Market


Are you a new international student? Join us at the Facility Market to find out about all the things you need to arrange when you arrive in Enschede. But don't worry, there are many facilities, services and student associations to support you at UT. At the Facility Market you can meet representatives from the UT and external organisations and ask questions about formalities, housing, insurance, public transport, medical services, language courses and support services. Attendance is highly recommended to help you adjust to life in the Netherlands. The Facility Market is free and you don't need to be registered for Kick-In to attend.

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Facility Market in TechnohalStudent Services teamBike MarketStudent Affairs, Couching & Counselling teamUniversity LibraryKick-In StandSwapfiets
Photo: Ebe Ye
Market opening in the Technohal
Photo: Ebe Ye
Student Services team
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Bike Market
Photo: Reinout Nonhebel
Student Affairs, Couching & Counselling team
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University Library
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Kick-In Stand
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Matters to arrange

There are a number of formalities and other matters to arrange when you arrive in the Netherlands. If you are a new international student, you will receive an email from the Visa Office with more information about your formality appointments. 

UT International Facebook Community
Also check out the UT Marketplace Facebook Group.


At the Facility Market, you will meet representatives from a number of organisations and have the opportunity to ask them questions. Below you can find more information about each organisation. 

  • UT Student Services & Visa

    Find out about administrative matters for new students, including topics such as the visa process, housing, formalities and the UT student card

  • Aon Insurance

    Receive information about how to be insured in the Netherlands, and find out about the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) coverage in the Netherlands (EU students only.)

  • Housing

    On Roomspot, you can search for available living spaces both on-campus and off-campus. In addition, new non-EEA students requiring an entry visa can receive special offers on Roomspot. 

  • Student Affairs, Coaching & Counselling

    Receive information about the services SACC has to offer, for example, student counselling and financial support. Also find out about student wellbeing. View their flyer.

  • On-Campus Medical Services

    The UT offers general health services on campus, including an emergency service, a general practitioner, dentist and physiotherapist. Students can register with either the on-campus doctor or another local doctor

  • Career Services

    Find out about the Career Services available at UT and register for the online platform JobTeaser to find information about vacancies, student jobs, internships, thesis projects etc.

  • UT Language Centre

    Get information about language courses and language support, skills workshops in the Skills Lab and writing support in the Writing Centre. Also find out about the Developing Intercultural Competencies course for new international students coming up in September.

  • Library, ICT Services & Archive (LISA)

    Find out about the many facilities available at the UT Library and Notebook Service Centre.

  • UnionCard

    Find out about the advantages of a Student UnionCard. The card provides you with discounts on several sport and cultural activities. You will also need it to become a member of a sport or cultural association or to join fitness activities at the UT Sports Centre.

  • Student Mobility (ISIC)

    Student Mobility OV-chipkaart (+ISIC) for public transport

    Dutch train, tram, metro and bus all use the same payment system, the OV-chipkaart. Getting a card and choosing a suitable subscription is a complicated process, especially for international students. That is why Student Mobility created the Student Mobility Card, a custom-made OV-chipkaart for international students.

    In the Student Mobility App you can connect the card above to any international payment method and you can keep track of your travel expenses and bills so no unpleasant surprises. For more information and reservations go here!

    If you are interested in an NS subscription (National Rail) do not order the card via Student Mobility but order it via https://www.ns.nl/en/season-tickets/ and choose a “new” OV-chipkaart in the process. Please note the NS subscriptions cannot be combined with discounts on local busses and you need a Dutch address and a Dutch bank account to apply online.

  • ESN Twente

    The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student organisation which aims to support and develop student exchange, and facilitate the social and personal integration of students.

  • Student World Associations

    Are you looking to have an international experience? Check out the Student Union's website to find out more about the student world associations at UT.

  • Student Study Associations

    Join the student association for your study area. The student study associations fall under the umbrella of OS.

  • Business Days Twente

    Business Days Twente consists of a series of events aimed at creating and improving contacts between students, post-graduates and alumni on one side, and potential employers on the other. Find out more about the Career Fair and other activities taking place annually in February & March.

  • Makkabikes Hengelo

    Makkabikes Hengelo sell second-hand bikes. Visit their website for more information.

  • Swapfiets

    In the Netherlands the bicycle is one of the most popular and convenient transportation methods. Swapfiets offer bicycle hire for a fixed monthly fee.

  • Enschede Police

    Our local police can provide information about important laws and traffic rules in the Netherlands. Do you have a question? Send a message via Facebook. Also check out the Police Presentation.


Do you need to photocopy or print documents to prepare for your formality appointments? Below you can find information about the various photocopying services available in Enschede. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for photocopying and arrive at your appointments on time and with all the necessary documents in hard copy (not electronic.) 

  • Union Shop, Bastille Building

    The Union Shop is located in the Bastille building, and offers printing and copying. View their opening hours

  • Xerox Copy Shop, Carré Building

    The Xerox Copy Shop is located in the Carré building (at the top of the right-hand central stairway.) The shop is open for printing, copying and scanning. View their opening hours

  • UT Library, Vrijhof Building

    If you have a student card, you can use the student photocopiers situated in UT buildings across the campus (for example, in the library.) The library is located in the Vrijhof building on Level 2, west side. You need to activate your card in order to use the student photocopiers. Please read the manual for further instructions. 

  • Enschede Municipality

    There is a photocopier available for use at the municipality building in the city centre: Gemeente Enschede, Hengelosestraat 51.