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Residence permit & study progress (MoMi)

NEWS COVID-19 : Decision UT

For non-EEA students with a residence permit for study at the University of Twente, who have incurred a study delay as a result of the Corona crisis and therefore could not comply with the obligation to have sufficient study progress in relation to MoMi (50%) in academic year 2019-2020, the University of Twente classifies the Corona crisis as a possible justifiable reason for study delay.

It is important that you seek contact with your study adviser on short notice, to discuss the next steps of how to get your circumstances assessed. For more details on the specific groups of students and who needs to take action, the additional UT regulations can be found here. Other information can be found on the UT Corona page.

If you want to speak to a student counsellor about other study-related questions, UT regulations or personal issues, please make an (skype) appointment via the secretariat of SACC (+31 53 489 2035).

UT regulations MoMi study progress i.r.t. Corona
Regulations MoMi i.r.t. Corona
Mental health and coping during COVID-19