Professionals with a Master’s degree in IEM are in high demand on the job market, even in economically tough times. On average, our graduates have a job within one month of graduation; 95% have one within six months. Most of these jobs are challenging and well-paid.

As a graduate you may work in consultancy or research, or take up a management position with a commercial company or a government or healthcare organization. We have graduates working a very wide range of employers: UPS, Unilever, Toyota, Rabobank, HP, DSM, Coca Cola, Compaq, Swatch, Grolsch, KPN, GM, Shell, Philips – to mention a few. 

Their jobs are also highly varied, for example: account manager, banker, auditor, policy controller, strategic financial advisor, CFO, COO, data management engineer, director of business development, director of customer service & operations, director of ICT, lecturer & researcher, information architect, investment manager venture capital, logistic engineer, logistic designer, manager of strategy & innovation, plant manager, principal risk manager, project and process manager, relation manager corporate clients, risk consultant, sales engineer, sourcing manager, supply chain manager.

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