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Doctoral programmes at UT

Twente Graduate School(TGS) coordinates all doctoral programmes at UT.

You can either pursue a career in scientific research, leading to a PhD degree or opt for a more practical, design-oriented Engineering Doctorate (EngD). 

Each programme centres on topics closely related to the work going on at our research institutes and is taught and supervised by expert researchers and designers. Find out more about the research-driven PhD opportunities or our design-oriented EngD programmes. The EngD page also explains the differences between PhD and EngD programmes.

Hora Finita Tracking system for current candidates
All current PhD and EngD candidates and their supervisors use the Hora Finita system to make agreements and track their progress. For questions, please contact Hora Finita support.
Rules and regulations for current and future candidates

For PhD

For EngD

Current vacancies

The overview below shows all current vacancies as listed on the UT vacancies website. We also provide detailed information about the admission and application process for PhD candidates and application and admission for EngD candidates. Please note: there are more options to start a PhD or EngD position, for example, company funded. For a full overview of options, see the TGS vacancy page