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Doctoral programmes at the University of Twente

Twente Graduate School (TGS) coordinates all doctoral programmes at the University of Twente.

You can either pursue a career in scientific research, leading to a PhD degree, or opt for a more practical, design-oriented Professional Doctorate in Engineering (PDEng).

Each programme centres on topics closely related to the work going on at our research institutes and is taught and supervised by expert researchers and designers. Find out more about the research-driven PhD opportunities or our design-oriented PDEng programmes

Mission of the Twente Graduate School

The mission of the Twente Graduate School is to train and educate excellent researchers, usually at the start of their career, and to present and promote excellent research and design via clustered or separate doctoral programmes. The doctoral candidates are trained to prove their competence by means of a doctoral thesis.
With this mission, the TGS aims to improve the quality of research and education, to accentuate the University's identity and profile and to differentiate and individualise the specific doctoral programmes and services for its participants.

TGS operations under Covid-19 restrictions

  1. PhD and PDEng candidates experiencing immediate personal problems due to the corona crisis, such as subsistence (living costs), housing, mental or health problems, and/or in case you are in need of a coach, please contact TGS for emergency help (including the UT emergency fund) or further reference. Contact us by email: / Tuesday and Friday from 9.00-11.00 a.m. you can reach us at:
     +31 6 19851634
  2. Registration in Hora Finita: business as usual
  3. Intake session:  done online until further notice
  4. TGS Introductory Workshop of September and November 2020:  done online (2021 sessions f2f or online to be decided)
  5. Generic course registration via Coursefinder: business as usual (Most courses are online now, if courses have to be postponed, the candidate will receive an email about online options or rescheduling. 
  6. Hora Finita submissions and approvals (T&SP, Qualifier, Annual interviews, 30EC certificate check): business as usual
  7. Qualifier/annual interviews: preferably online, unless there are valid reasons to postpone (at the discretion of the supervisors)
  8. Planning of PhD defence date: business as usual. The candidate can choose to have a fully online defence, or a ceremony with 1.5m protocol (max. 15 guests).
    See 1,5-meter social distancing protocol for PhD/PDEng defences (Dutch / English). 
    The PhD will receive the latest protocol by email.

 For more information / TGS update coronavirus see our TGS news page.