You can enter the Industrial Engineering and Mangement programme if you have a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering & Management or another relevant field. A basic requirement is that, regardless of your prior education, your proficiency in English and Mathematics B is at the level of the Dutch ‘VWO’ high school.

If your educational background does not meet the IEM Master’s requirements, we may require you to follow a pre-Master's programme  before you can be admitted to the Master’s programme – for example, when you have a small deficiency on topics that are important for starting the Master’s programme, or when you graduated from a university of applied sciences (‘HBO’ in Dutch). A Pre-Master’s programme takes three or six months and is designed to help you get your academic skills and your knowledge up to par. The IEM pre-Master’s programme can be tailored to your educational background, if necessary. 

Specific admission criteria

We apply different sets of admission criteria to applicants with different educational or career backgrounds. Check the applicant profiles below to find out which criteria apply to you:

Disregarding your previous education, you always need Mathematics B and English at pre-university level if you want to apply for the master's Industrial Engineering and Management.

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