Programme Structure

Right for you?

Electrical Engineering is for:

  • Dutch students with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Advanced Technology, Physics, Computer Science (conditions apply);
  • International students with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Physics.

This Master’s programme is designed for students who:

  • are interested in electronics and how it works
  • have an affinity with physics
  • are interested in engineering and design
  • want to find out what signals and electrons do
  • have the urge to control technology and to get applications to do what they’re supposed to.

This programme is not designed for students, who are interested in Electrical Power Engineering.

You may find yourself wondering how physics differs from electrical engineering. Physicists focus on understanding the world around us, while electrical engineers seek to harness this understanding to create applications.

Would  you like to expand your knowledge of design, analysis and research with regard to innovative electrical engineering systems? Do you see designing, developing and producing electrical and electronic systems and processes as an exciting challenge? Do you dream of breaking through the frontiers of existing technologies? If so, this Master’s programme is definitely one to consider!

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