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After you have sent in your application for the Master's in Electrical Engineering, a committee will check your eligibility. An outcome of this assessment may be that you first have to complete a pre-master's before being admitted.

What is a pre-master's?

A pre-master's is a transfer programme for students of a Dutch university of applied sciences ('hbo' in Dutch) or an (international) research university who cannot be admitted directly to the master's they wish to follow. The goal is to bridge the gap between your current bachelor's (in a related field) and your future master's. Learn more about pre-master's in general


Do you want to get insights into the pre-master's? The programme you need to take, depends on your previous or current education. What kind of education do or did you follow?

  • University of applied sciences (Dutch HBO)

    As a bachelor's student from a Dutch university of applied sciences (HBO), it is mandatory to follow a pre-master's first to prepare you for this Master's. You can start the pre-Master's during your bachelor's as a transfer minor or after obtaining your bachelor’s degree. During the pre-master you are taught various scientific research skills and your knowledge in mathematics and statistics is raised to an academic level.


    The Pre-Master's consists of the following courses:

    Study load

    The Pre-Master's is a 30 EC full-time study programme, which you have to complete within one academic year and with a maximum of two exam opportunities per course.

    Admission deadlines

    Before starting the application procedure you should always check the application deadlines.


    You pay a fee per EC and this Pre-Master's is 30 EC. Each academic year, the amount per EC will be reassessed. Visit the tuition page for the current fees. If you choose to fit your Pre-Master's into your current HBO bachelor's, you can avoid extra costs; after all, you already pay tuition fees for your current bachelor's.

  • Dutch research university (Dutch WO)

    As a bachelor's student of UT or another Dutch research university, you first need to find out if you are directly admissible or you need to follow this Pre-Master's first. This may be necessary if you intend to follow a master's in a slightly different field of study than your current bachelor's.

    Contents and study load of the Pre-Master's

    Your Pre-Master's is tailor-made, there is no fixed format. The content and study workload (number of EC) depend on previous education and can vastly differ. 

    Basically, the Pre-Master's can take between three months and one year depending on your deficiency courses, the distribution of the EC to be acquired and possible resits that need to be taken. Pre-master’s programmes for university students range between 10-60 EC.

    Admission requirements

    As a research university bachelor student, the admission requirements depend on your previous bachelor's or master's. Find out if you meet the admission requirements.

    Start date

    The start date of your tailor-made Pre-Master's is determined in consultation with the study adviser.

    How to apply and deadlines

    If you find out you need to take a pre-master's, you have to sign up for the master's of your choice first. Before starting the application procedure you should always check the application deadlines. Some of our master's have deviant application deadlines.


    To follow a pre-master's you have to pay an amount per EC. The total amount is based on the number of EC’s from your pre-master's. 

  • International education

    As an international student, you first check whether you meet the admission requirements. If so, you need to sign up for the Master's in Electrical Engineering, as it is not possible to apply for the Pre-Master’s directly. The admissions committee assesses your enrolment and checks whether your prior education is sufficient to successfully complete the Master's. Perhaps you need this Pre-Master's to enhance prior knowledge. In this case, your Master’s application will be converted into an enrolment for the Pre-Master's in consultation with you.

    Contents, study load and costs

    The content and study load (number of EC) depend on the prior education programme and can vary. To follow the Pre-Master's, you have to pay an amount per EC. The total amount is based on the number of ECs of your Pre-Master's.

    Start date

    The Pre-Master's starts every September.


The Pre-Master's is designed not only to address any deficiencies in your prior knowledge, but it is also an effective way to find out whether studying at a research university is right for you. Therefore, the following rules apply:


For questions about your admission to this Pre-Master's, contact the coordinator mentioned below. For general information about the Master's in Electrical Engineering, you can contact our Study Information Centre.

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