Student Thomas

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Thomas is following a double degree Master in ICDesign, NanoElectronics, Integrated Devices and Systems.

‘I have looked at a lot of different study programmes before I found the right one for me. Electrical Engineering (EE) proved to be the most fun and challenging of them all. The programme has direct impact on our daily lives and is very versatile. You can design, build and test everything from robots to nanoelectronics. Moreover, you can make the programme as theoretical or practical as you want. Why I chose the UT? Mostly because of the atmosphere here. The approachability and the campus are major pros.’

‘The most remarkable thing I have done during my studies was develop an electrically operated bagpipe. Near the end of my first bachelor year, a group of friends and I built a fairly functional device in just a few weeks’ time. When you whistled a tune, the bagpipe played along with you. We could also control the device with a keyboard. Creativity is important during such projects. We used an old vacuum cleaner in reverse as a blower.

PhD after Master's assignment

My master’s thesis is about electronics at temperatures of -269 degrees Celsius. That is an extreme of an entirely different nature. After my master’s, I want to obtain my doctoral degree at the UT. During my PhD I want to try to integrate more electrical components on a chip in order to increase its accuracy. After that, I will go looking for a new challenge.’

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