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Applying my knowledge in the lab or on a project is what I love most

Dativa Tizikara, international student from Uganda

Why did you choose this Master’s?

After my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, I worked for a telecommunications company where I was exposed to different mobile communications technologies. But in developing countries we always move at a slower pace in research and adopting new mobile technologies. I wanted to learn more about them, which is why I chose to do my Master’s in telecommunications engineering.

Why did you opt for the University of Twente?

I always wanted to study in the Netherlands. I looked up information about the country’s top universities of technology and found that the programme and ongoing research at Twente suited me perfectly. And when I took the online tour and saw the beautiful campus, I just knew I had to apply here. A campus university, where you can find everything you need in one place, is very conducive to study. 

How do you like Electrical Engineering so far?

I really like the programme! You are given plenty of freedom to structure your own programme and research. The courses are of a very high standard, with well-prepared classes and good study material. Most involve practical work in the lab or a project that enables you to apply what you have learned. The lecturers encourage discussion. They are keen for you to understand the material and are very open to questions. Now that I am starting work on my own research, I find that everyone at my research group is very helpful and willing to answer all my questions.

What does your week look like?

I am currently working on my master’s assignment so from Monday to Friday I am in the lab or the student room. When I was still taking courses, I would attend lectures, do my assignments and study. I try to wrap up all my work for the week by Friday so that I have time to relax at the weekend. I go out partying or have coffee or dinner in the city with friends. I like to travel, watch movies and cook as well.

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