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Adapting infrastructures to electric vehicles

In a world where global warming is a serious problem, the need for underground infrastructure networks that provide renewable energy for modes of transport has become more and more urgent.

People buy electric cars to help reduce emissions. However, due to the over-burdened underground infrastructure, they struggle to find a charging station. 

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Podcast: learn more about the professions of the future

In the series 'My Future Dream Job', podcast host Anic van Damme steps into her time machine to 2030. There, she discovers which professions are important and will have an impact.

Listen, for example, to Mark Huijben, our professor of nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage. He discusses the development of next-level batteries.

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Improving food security in Ethiopia

Farmers in Ethiopia have difficulties selling their products beyond the local markets. The lack of a well-organised food chain results in farmers selling their products to middlemen at exploitative prices, so farmers make little money while local consumers pay high prices. How to help these farmers get fair prices and contribute to food security for (local) consumers?

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Shaping2030 - our story

In this series, two members of our community take a deep dive into each other’s worlds - what drives them, and what brings them together? What kind of future do they envision for the University of Twente?

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