The University of Twente is at the core of society and has an outward-looking perspective. Strategic Business Development supports the UT community in connecting our excellent research to external needs, ultimately favouring both.  

Working together with companies is an essential component of this. After all, today's students are tomorrow's professionals. Apart from contact with (semi-) government authorities, alumni and other universities, we maintain intensive contact with our industrial partners, both national and international ones.

Clearly, a lot is already being done in this respect, and we work in close cooperation with our partners in the corporate sector. We make sure that the knowledge developed at the University of Twente is translated effectively into economic activity, an aspect that is also referred to as commercial knowledge transfer. UT's Business Development Team supports researchers who are involved in taking research results to the market. As an entrepreneurial university, we feel it is vitally important to support and promote entrepreneurship at every level. Our spin-offs and student enterprises regularly develop into successful companies. What's more, we offer companies the possibility of using our high-tech (knowledge) facilities as well as using the UT in other ways, e.g. as partners in education and research.