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Science for society
Smart, flexible and steerable surgical needles

Extremely accurate cancer detection? Treatment of inoperable patients? The robot-controlled flexible needles being developed by UT scientist Sarthak Misra are making all that and more possible.

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Better energy storage thanks to research in material science
Smart Materials

At the NanoLab of the University of Twente’s MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology, Mark Huijben and other scientists and students look for technological breakthroughs by studying and designing new materials at nanoscale.

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Can a robot respond sensibly and helpfully?
Digital Society

‘The key question in the development of social robots,’ says Vanessa Evers, ‘is this: can a robot respond sensibly and helpfully in situations in which people find themselves, such as overcoming addiction, learning new skills, recognizing and analysing behaviour, or engaging in interaction.’

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Protheses made to measure
Intelligent Manufacturing

Fast, zero-defect and personalized manufacturing of products like prostheses, cars or shavers: the better the manufacturing industry succeeds at this, the more effectively it will be able to respond to consumers’ wishes.

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Registration systems influence migrant perception and opportunities
Resilient World

With the grant of up to 1.5 million euros that Pelizza won, she and her team are now conducting research in different countries. ‘We interview civil servants who register migrants, IT developers who design and work with the registration systems, and migrants themselves,’ she explains. 

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Making the world a safer, healthier, and more sustainable place, Twente has a perfect ecosystem for pioneers devising smart solutions to society’s greatest challenges. Twente is also ‘the good work-life region’, an attractive area that combines an entrepreneurial work ethic with pleasant living.

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