Ceciel Kemper

Student: Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society


Ceciel obtained her BSc in Applied Biomedical Sciences Research at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Enschede campus. She is currently studying for an MSc in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS). During her Bachelor’s studies, Ceciel discovered that her educational interests extended beyond the study of biology; she also wanted to reflect upon her position as a researcher in relation to society.

My Bachelor's was practically orientated, we learned how to conduct research at the lab bench. While my hands do still itch whenever I pass a laboratory, I found that I was more occupied with reflecting on what I was doing, and on how my personal efforts as a researcher fit into the bigger picture of scientific advancement and the relation between science and society. These questions inspired me to enrol on the MSc in PSTS.

Not only has the Master’s programme enabled me to reflect on these particular questions, it has also enabled me to “take the broader view” by assessing how society, science and technology relate to, and inform each other. You really gain a thorough grasp of the implicit values, assumptions and presuppositions informing the discussions around a certain technological development, in order to make a coherent argument. 

Perhaps the best thing about studying on the PSTS programme is that you get in touch with people from various backgrounds, which makes it all the more interesting to discuss controversies in science and technology. It's all about interpretation, balancing arguments, coming to terms, and learning about the various aspects of human life.

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