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Minor Philosophy and Governance of Science and Technology

The Department of Philosophy offers two modules as part of a HTHT-minor (High Tech, Human Touch). Through these modules, students gain a better understanding of the social and ethical impacts of science and technology. The modules combine in the HTHT-package 'Philosophy and Governance of Science and Technology' or can be chosen as separate courses.

Philosophy of Science and Technology (15 EC)

This module analyses and evaluates the influence of science and technology on humans and society . You'll learn about the main approaches and theories in the history of philosophy, but also acquire the skills to reflect upon technology more systematically and critically. Through this new understanding, you will become a more ethical and responsible engineer.

Governance of Innovation and Socio-technical Change (15 EC)

This module looks at typical patterns in innovation processes, how society and technology affect each other, and how policy and other societal actors may actively intervene in these processes. As part of this course, you'll be working on an interdiscilplinary project in which you'll apply your newly gained insights.