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A global pioneer in tackling the challenges of our time

Whether you are a junior or senior scientist, the University of Twente offers you a first-class research environment with plenty of opportunities for innovation and growth. We are a modern, entrepreneurial university and a global pioneer in tackling the challenges of our time by combining new technologies and engineering with behavioural and social sciences. Our goal is to be a catalyst for innovation and progress in society – and to produce scientists and professionals ready to take their place as agents of change.

The University of Twente is a global name in research, offering a growing range of integrated master’s and phd programmes aimed at graduates eager to take their place as agents of change in today’s world.

High Tech Human Touch

Our strength lies in our capacity to combine. We engage in leading research in technologies we believe are vitally linked to behavioural and social sciences. Our niche is where technology and society meet. We call it ‘High Tech, Human Touch’. A key element in our social impact is our strong emphasis on commercial knowledge valorisation, or the ability convert complex knowledge into viable economic activity and social applications. Over 900 successful spinoff companies are evidence of this vision.

Our research institutes are among the world’s very best

Our world today is facing major environmental, economic, social and political challenges. Scientific research has a pivotal role to play in creating conditions that will sustain life on this planet. Our five leading research institutes are committed to being a part of a more sustainable world.

MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology

MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology is one of the world’s largest and leading centres of expertise on nanotechnology with a total of 525 researchers

MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine

MIRA Institute for Biomedical Technology and Technical Medicine is one of Europe’s leading catalysts in the fields of medical technology, combining fundamental research, applied research and clinical practice.

IGS Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies

IGS Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies is one of our largest research institutes, specialized in governance and the management of technological and social innovation.

CTIT Institute for Telematics and Information Technology

CTIT Institute for Telematics and Information Technology is one of Europe’s largest academic ICT research institutes with over 475 researchers actively participating in its multidisciplinary programmes

ITC Faculty for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

ITC Faculty for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation is a global leader in geo-information science and earth observation with an emphasis on solving problems in developing countries and emerging economies.

Science Based Engineering

SBE is an institute of Engineering at the University of Twente and develops and applies science and technology in multidisciplinary systems to the needs of industry and society, in order to enable a sustainable future.

Twente Graduate School

The Twente Graduate School (TGS) plays a vital role in our research. TGS offers an increasing range of high-quality educational programmes in areas closely related to the work of research institutes and taught and supervised by expert researchers from these same institutes. If you are eager to pursue a career in scientific research, TGS’ various integrated Master’s and PhD programmes offer outstanding opportunities with ample room for specialization and personal preferences.

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In order to lead the way in scientific research, you need world-class facilities, funding and an inspiring climate. But more than on any of those factors, excellence in research depends on people. At the University of Twente, we do everything to can to attract and to keep people with the drive and the capacity to make our world a better place through cutting-edge scientific research.

Get inspired by the stories of leading UT scientists and how they are changing our world.

TGS Programmes

Below you will find the Twente Graduate School programmes related to the Master’s in Civil Engineering and Management

Science-Based Engineering

The focus of the cluster Science Based Engineering is to improve the world by designing and developing new advanced technologies.

Civil Engineering and Management

If you are eager to focus on both the technical and non-technical aspects of civil engineering projects and systems, then the Master’s in Civil Engineering and Management is the programme for you.

Construction Management and Engineering

Complex, innovative and multidisciplinary projects in a dynamic environment require a new breed of engineers who are able to expertly combine engineering knowledge with management skills.

Industrial Design Engineering

Designing new products and improving existing ones is a continual process. Take the Master’s in IDE and discover the full potential of the interaction between design and engineering.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers focus on the design, analyses and maintenance of machinery, structures and products. The Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering zooms in on one of these disciplines.

Spatial Engineering

The Master’s programme Spatial Engineering prepares you to address major multi-level spatial problems with a combination of technical and socio-economic knowledge.

Sustainable Energy Technology

The Master’s programme in Sustainable Energy Technology (SET) enables you to become an engineer with in-depth knowledge on renewable energy technologies.

Science-Based Engineering

The cluster Science Based Engineering will be the breeding ground for excellent societal relevant education and research. The programme delivers talented Master’s students, PDEngs and PhDs through its education and research programmes. They possess top-quality knowledge and can independently find answers for interdisciplinary and societally relevant problems by means of science based engineering and an entrepreneurial attitude.

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